Works of Love (Kierkegaard's Writings, Volume 16) by Søren Kierkegaard

By Søren Kierkegaard

Edited and translated by way of Howard V. Hong & Edna H. Hong

The numerous forms and prerequisites of affection are a standard subject for Kierkegaard, starting along with his early Either/Or, via "The Diary of the Seducer" and choose William's eulogy on married love, to his final paintings, at the changelessness of God's love. Works of affection, the midpoint within the sequence, can be the huge excessive aspect, as a result of its penetrating, illuminating research of the varieties and assets of affection. Love as feeling and temper is unusual from works of affection, love of the cute from love of the unlovely, preferential love from love because the royal legislations, love as mutual egotism from triangular love, and erotic love from self-giving love.

This paintings is marked via Kierkegaard's Socratic knowledge of the reader, either because the middle of woke up figuring out and because the initiator of motion. Written to be learn aloud, the booklet conveys a fondness of concept and an insightful, poetic mind's eye that make such an attentive technique richly worthwhile. Works of affection not just serves as an outstanding starting point exploring the writings of Kierkegaard, but additionally rewards many rereadings.

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Christ was not mistaken when he solemnly entrusted the proclamation of his gospel to simple fishermen instead of skilful sophists (an. 3). As his follower, Tertullian rejoices in the mere name of Christian and the message of the little fishes: 'Jesus Christ, son of God, saviour'. A simple criterion governs the Christian's logic. Confronted by exuberance of words and ideas, he applies a constant criterion of truth. In contrast, Marcion loves uncertainty, and prefers it to the certainty of the rule of faith.

He purified a dialect, by framing a vocabulary which enabled him to challenge the opponents of his kind of Christianity. 1 Jean Daniélou, A history of early Christian doctrine before the Council of Nieaea, vol. III, The origins of Latin Christianity (London, 1977), 341. 2 R. Rorty, Contingency, irony, and solidarity (Cambridge, 1989), 76. 3 Like any consideration of Tertullian's use of words, this study acknowledges the monumental work of R. Braun, Deus Christianorum, 2nd edn. (Paris, 1977). 4 He did not see himself as an innovator, but as the defender of a gospel which had come through the apostles from God.

B Knowledge, Humanity, Justice and Salvation. (i) How Humanity Knows God. (ii) How God's Goodness Is Shown in the Creation and Freedom of Mankind. (iii) How Divine Justice Responds to Man's Sin. (iv) The Argument from Retrospective Indignity. (v) Antitheses in God. C Prophecy Fulfilled. (i) Is Christology Redundant? (ii) Why the Father Comes First. (iii) Can We Make Sense of Miracles and Metaphors? (iv) Why Truth Demands an Incarnation. (v) How Prophecies Are Fulfilled in Truth. D The Christ of the Creator.

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