You and Your Arrhythmia: A Guide to Heart Rhythm Problems by John A. Kastor

By John A. Kastor

Cardiac arrhythmias produce fast, gradual, or abnormal center beats and are tremendous universal and diversity in severity from benign to unexpected, life-threatening emergencies. a few sufferers can be acutely wakeful whereas others should be unaware. even if you or a family member suffers from center rhythm problems, You and Your Arrhythmia: A advisor to middle Rhythm difficulties for sufferers and Their households deals support. This ebook contains instances with easy motives to supply sufferers and their households with a greater knowing of center rhythm issues, analysis, therapy, and long term care.

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Qxd 48 2/28/06 10:30 AM Page 48 Chapter 8: Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia in a 75-Year-Old Housewife This is a sick woman. In addition to her lung disease and now the arrhythmia, she also has diabetes, for which she needs insulin, and 4 years ago, she had a myocardial infarction of moderate severity. Before she came into the hospital, she could walk only a few city blocks before having to stop because of shortness of breath. She and her husband live in a retirement home with no steps to climb and eat most of their meals in the facility’s restaurant.

It is seldom necessary to use these or one of the several others. They tend to be less effective, slower acting, or cause more side effects than adenosine, diltiazem, or verapamil. Cardioversion with an externally administered shock will convert almost all cases of SVT; however, one seldom has to use it because drugs are usually effective. The patient asked what could be done to prevent such attacks in the future. She worried that she might have more frequent, severe attacks and whether the illness was potentially fatal.

An echocardiogram confirmed the diagnosis. * Systolic murmurs are heard while the ventricles contract and diastolic murmurs when they relax. qxd 22 2/28/06 10:30 AM Page 22 Chapter 5: Atrial Fibrillation in a Man with a Heart Murmur This is the second case of atrial fibrillation described in this book. Medically, however, the patients are quite different. The intern with lone atrial fibrillation described in Chapter 2 was 45 years younger and had no heart disease other than the arrhythmia. This patient has hypertension and mitral regurgitation, both of which can produce atrial fibrillation.

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