Download E-books Advanced Qt Programming: Creating Great Software with C++ and Qt 4 (Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development) PDF

By Mark Summerfield

This booklet is geared toward present C++/Qt programmers and provides rules and strategies which are too complicated or really good (although now not unavoidably difficult), for a primary e-book on Qt.

Qt has now grown to over seven-hundred sessions and good over one million phrases of documentation, a ways an excessive amount of to hide in one quantity. So rather than overlaying every thing very thinly, the ebook makes a speciality of key parts of Qt know-how and attempts to supply extra accomplished insurance than is on the market elsewhere.

The booklet is totally useful in emphasis, with each process illustrated by means of operating code. The examples exhibit Qt most sensible practices, and feature been demonstrated on Linux, Mac OS X, and home windows, utilizing Qt 4.6 and the place attainable (e.g., utilizing #if QT_VERSION), Qt 4.5. (The examples and a pattern bankruptcy could be downloaded from the book's website. Amazon do not enable URLs so google for "qtrac" to discover it.)

The book's major topics are hybrid desktop/Internet functions, threading, wealthy textual content dealing with, Qt's graphics/view structure, and Qt's model/view structure (to which 4 chapters are devoted), even supposing many different issues are coated. in addition to each one chapter's major topic, plenty of different periods, tools, and strategies are used at any place they make feel, to teach as many Qt good points as attainable. So even the main skilled Qt programmer may still notice points of Qt they were not conscious of, detect new concepts, and be encouraged with new rules.

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