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By Oren Izenberg

"Because i'm really not silent," George Oppen wrote, "the poems are bad." What does it suggest for the goodness of an paintings to depend on its disappearance? In Being Numerous, Oren Izenberg bargains a brand new solution to comprehend the divisions that arrange twentieth-century poetry. He argues that crucial clash isn't really among types or aesthetic politics, yet among poets who search to maintain or produce the incommensurable particularity of expertise by means of making strong items, and poets whose radical dedication to summary personhood turns out altogether incompatible with experience--and with poems.

Reading around the obvious gulf that separates conventional and avant-garde poets, Izenberg unearths the typical philosophical urgency that lies in the back of varied types of poetic difficulty--from Yeats's esoteric symbolism and Oppen's minimalism and silence to O'Hara's pleased slightness and the Language poets' rejection of conventional aesthetic satisfactions. For those poets, what starts off as a pragmatic query concerning the behavior of literary life--what distinguishes a poet or team of poets?--ends up as an ontological inquiry approximately social lifestyles: what's somebody and the way is a group attainable? within the face of the violence and dislocation of the 20th century, those poets face up to their will to mastery, draw back from the sensual richness in their most powerful paintings, and undermine the particularity in their ingenious and ethical visions--all for you to enable personhood itself to grow to be an indisputable fact making an unrefusable claim.

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