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In an that comprises the abilities, services, and hard work of a wide-range of pros and staff, sturdy communications turn into an important, and a standard vocabulary is vital to profitable tasks. a number of the phrases utilized in panorama structure, land making plans, environmental making plans, and panorama building are unavailable, or so new, or industry-specific that they can’t be present in traditional dictionaries. This certain source promises definitions in addition to how-to details through info and pictures, going above and past the scope of a regular specialist dictionary. With undemanding definitions and transparent illustrations on every one web page, each person from architects, designers, and contractors via grounds upkeep employees will make the most of this crucial source. additionally, an appendix with categorized building information will illustrate not only what a time period ability, but in addition how it’s utilized within the occupation.

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Heaving The lifting of crops, rocks, or struc- heirloom backyard A panorama designed and tures in soils (esp. a few clays) from the activities of freezing and thawing. put in with plant fabric utilized in a selected zone at a specific time period some time past. those gardens have a ancient kind of planting layout and fabrics. heave The upward lifting of soil attributable to heavy soil Any soil with an important quantity of clay, making it more challenging to paintings, extra sticky, and slower to hot within the spring. they aren't unavoidably heavier than different soils. hectare A metric size of region made out of 10,000 sq ms. One hectare is nearly 21⁄2 ac. hectometer (hm) A metric size of a hundred ms or 328. 08 toes. hedge A row or line shaped by means of shrubs, timber, small bushes, or any form of plant being planted heavily jointly, forming bodily or visually a boundary, fence, ornamental line, or barrier. they can be pruned to a symmetrical form that's flat or dice formed, and so on. , forming a naturallooking wall. hedgerow A tall row of plants that separates reduce crops or open lands, configured in a line and typically on a boundary (not inevitably instantly) of really consistent width equivalent to among fields or alongside ditches. In panorama ecology, they contain fencerows, shelterbelts, hedges, windbreaks, and crops alongside many water corridors. they're occasionally planted for wind and water erosion defense in agricultural parts, yet are extra usually discovered alongside roads or fields seeded by way of wind, water, birds, and so on. 174 helistop a space for use for the touchdown, takeoff, or parking of a helicopter. hemi- The Greek prefix which means part, occasionally utilized in botanical descriptions. herb 1. An annual, biennial, or perennial that produces seed and doesn't advance woody tissue. Herbs die at the least again to the floor on the finish of a becoming season. 2. An annual, biennial, or perennial that has culinary worth and is prized to be used in cooking. herbaceous 1. Having the features of an herb with very little woody tissue and missing a chronic reside stem aboveground. 2. vegetation that die to the floor and develop a brand new stem every year. herbaceous stem high possibility herb backyard A small plot of land often close to a place of abode and shut to the kitchen the place herbs are grown for culinary reasons. herbicide 1. sure chemical compounds or compounds in liquid or granular shape used on floor surfaces to avoid germination of seeds. this is often quite important answerable for weeds. 2. An agent (usually a chemical) used to kill vegetation that it is available in touch with without delay upon program or via translocation to roots within the soil. See additionally selective herbicide and nonselective herbicide. herbivore An animal that eats vegetation or components Hessian canvas A British time period for burlap. hetero- The Greek prefix which means not like, or of differing varieties, occasionally utilized in botanical descriptions. heterogeneity 1. The nation of being heterogeneous. 2. In panorama ecology, having style, being asymmetric, now not spatially configured in any given manner, but no longer random.

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