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By Kenneth C. Davis

The writer of Don't recognize a lot approximately History examines the fun perceptions that folks traditionally have had in regards to the international and the universe, with a glance on the international map at the present time and passages from memorable trip writers. 150,000 first printing. $115,000 ad/promo. journey.

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All of which makes you are feeling a bit just like the proverbial drop in a bucket. what percentage Oceans Are There? this can be just like the trick questions you were given in highschool from the “hard” instructor. In a feeling, there are solutions, either one of them correct. Strictly conversing, there's just one ocean, the good sheet of salt water that altogether covers approximately seventy two percentage of the earth’s floor and surrounds the planet’s nice land plenty. yet in additional time-honored phrases, the only nice Ocean is split into 4 critical components, every one of them referred to as an ocean. The Pacific covers approximately 70 million sq. miles (181,300,000 sq. km) and is through a ways the biggest ocean, containing approximately forty six percentage of the earth’s water. Bounded by means of the Americas at the east and Asia on its west, the Pacific is flanked by means of excessive mountain chains and is striking for its many small islands, a lot of them volcanic. The Pacific is bigger than the entire land on the planet prepare. It extends nearly from pole to pole yet is essentially a tropical ocean, and half the equator’s size of 24,000 miles (38,500 km) lies in the Pacific. The Challenger Deep within the Mariana Trench, which extends from southeast of Guam to northwest of the Mariana Islands within the Pacific Ocean, is the inner most position within the oceans of the area, plunging to 36,198 ft (11,040 meters); if Mount Everest have been dropped into the Mariana Trench, it'll now not holiday the outside of the Pacific. The Atlantic is the second one greatest ocean, containing approximately 23 percentage of the world’s water. even if its volume from north to south is ready similar to the Pacific’s, it truly is a lot narrower and merely part the scale of the Pacific, overlaying approximately 32 million sq. miles (82,217,000 sq. km). An S-shaped physique bounded by means of the Americas at the west and Europe and Africa at the east, it isn't as deep because the Pacific and includes many fewer islands. mendacity among hugely industrialized continents, the North Atlantic consists of the best share of the world’s delivery. even if half the world’s fish are stuck within the Atlantic, with a lot of that seize coming from the Grand Banks, an underwater plateau off Newfoundland, pollutants and overfishing through advertisement fleets threaten the life of a few Atlantic fish species. The Indian, known as the Erythraean Sea in precedent days, is the third-largest ocean. a bit of smaller than the Atlantic, it covers approximately 28 million sq. miles (73,426,500 sq. km), and holds 20 percentage of the world’s water. Bounded through Asia to the north, Antarctica to the south, Africa to the west, and Australia and Indonesia to the east, the Indian Ocean is split in by way of India, forming the Arabian Sea on one facet and the Bay of Bengal at the different. 90 percentage of the Indian Ocean lies south of the equator. The Arctic, mendacity in the Arctic Circle and surrounding the North Pole, is the smallest ocean, with a space of approximately five. five million sq. miles (13,986,000 sq. km) containing four percentage of the world’s water. hooked up to the Pacific via the Bering Strait (between Alaska and Russia) and to the Atlantic through the Greenland Sea, the Arctic is frozen year-round other than at its outer margins, yet fresh study means that the Arctic is experiencing a interval of warming.

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