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By Ali Azhar Arastu - XKP

This booklet has been divided into five segments which were extra divided into various parts.

The first phase defines the that means of Shia and talks in regards to the various sects in the Shias and additional divides Ismailis and talks concerning the sects inside them. It additionally discusses many of the Ismaili/Fatimid Imams (the Ismaili Imams after Imam al-Sadiq (as)[1] and it questions the authenticity of the Ismaili Imams and questions the actual fact in the event that they have been divinely appointed.

The moment section of the e-book bargains with the significance of following the appropriate chain and the necessity to persist with the rightful Imams after the Holy Prophet (sawa)[2] additionally discusses the traditions of the Holy Prophet (sawa) concerning his successors (as) and his traditions relating to Imam al-Mahdi, the 12th Holy Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance). additionally clarifies a few doubts that one could have in regards to the occultation of Imam al-Mahdi (as).

The 3rd section discusses approximately a fantastic Imam and the features we must always anticipate from him after which addresses of the Ithna Ashari Imams after Imam al-Sadiq (as), their designation, what has been acknowledged approximately them not just by way of Shias but in addition via Ahle Sunna.

The fourth phase bargains with the influence of following the incorrect chain and its outcomes on their deeds. moreover, one of many Bohra Jurisprudential concerns (Bohra Calendar and the moon sighting) is scrutinized in detail.



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The background says al-Hakim forbade his matters from prostrating within the yr 1012-1013 advert? do we anticipate the really and divinely appointed Imams ever enable their topics to prostrate to them? we actually have to sincerely take into consideration this subject and spot if we're following and believing within the correct Imams. additionally, heritage says that al-Hakim built a robust inclination in the direction of asceticism! which means he used to be extravagant and led a lifetime of luxurious. Later, after 16 years of his caliphate, he all started inclining in the direction of asceticism. If al-Hakim used to be a typical king, then i'd comprehend, yet he's believed via the Ismailis as an Imam. * * * [61]The Ismailis Their background and doctrines, p. 189; word: just some extracts have been used and never the entire Paragraph. [62] ibid, p. 195 Al-Hakim used to be eleven years outdated whilst he grew to become an Imam. The Ismailis settle for him as an Imam whilst he used to be eleven yrs and had now not but reached puberty, yet they item to the Imamate of Imam Muhammad Jawad (as), the 9th Imam of the Ithna Ashari Shias, simply because he used to be approximately nine years previous whilst he turned an Imam. Al-Hakim’s demise and ascension of Abul Hasan Ali al-Zahir li I’zaz din Allah (d 427 AH/1036 advert) (7th Fatimid Caliph) (17th Ismaili Imam) In 404 AH/1013 advert, al-Hakim made one more extraordinary determination in appointing Abd al-Rahman b. Ilyas b. Ahmed, a very good grandson of Ubaydallah al-Mahdi, as his ‘Wali al Ahd’[63] to the exclusion of his personal son Ali. Thereupon, al-Hakim delegated the entire political opinions, at the least for it slow, to his inheritor obvious, who attended the professional ceremonies and later additionally turned the governor of Damascus. [64] After the loss of life of al-Hakim, in line with one believable model, he (Hakim) used to be assassinated through his scheming sister Sitta al-Mulk, simply because her personal existence used to be threatened via the caliph. Sitta al-Mulk had al-Hakim’s in basic terms son Abul Hasan Ali, then purely 16 years previous, proclaimed as Imam and Caliph with the name of al-Zahir li I’zaz Din Allah. [65] The intelligent Sitta al-Mulk grew to become regent. it can be extra that henceforth, the Fatimid throne consistently fell to kids or youths; whereas regents, viziers or generals held the particular reign of energy for prolonged classes. [66] a few inquiries to elevate & think of approximately Who gave the ideal to Sitta al-Mulk to proclaim al-Zahir as Imam? * * * [63] Successor, Crown Prince [64] The Ismailis Their heritage and doctrines, p. 195 [65] The Ismailis Their historical past and doctrines, p. 2 hundred; Zahid Ali, Tarikh vol. 1, pp. 262-272. word: Gist of the textual content used to be used for brevity. [66] The Ismailis Their background and doctrines, p. 2 hundred Al-Hakim had already appointed Abd al-Rahman as his successor and it's recorded in heritage, even if Abd al-Rahman used to be now not his son! yet after his loss of life, al-Zahir was once put on the throne! If al-Hakim, the Fatimid Imam, sought after Abd al-Rahman to be successful him, then why used to be al-Zahir put on the throne and referred to as an Imam? The Ismailis persist with al-Zahir as an Imam, although al- Hakim, their very own Imam, appointed Abd al-Rahman as his successor!

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