Download E-books Hacking Roomba: ExtremeTech PDF

By Tod E. Kurt

The Jetsons will be proud!

A gizmo as cool as Roomba simply begs to be hacked. Now, with this e-book and the reliable ROI specification supplied through iRobot®, you could develop into the robot engineer you could have consistently dreamed of being. construct a Bluetooth interface on your Roomba. flip it into an artist. set up Linux on it and provides it a brand new mind. a few hacks are useful, others are in simple terms enjoyable. them all allow you to play with robotics, and never one will void your warranty.

  • Build a serial interface tether.
  • Set up a Bluetooth® interface.
  • Drive Roomba.
  • Play with sensors.
  • Make it sing.
  • Create a Roomba artist.
  • Use your Roomba as a mouse.
  • Connect Roomba to the Net.
  • Wi-Fi your Roomba.
  • Replace Roomba's brain.
  • Install Roomba-cam.
  • Put Linux® on Roomba.
  • Features a spouse internet site.

All this ? and it'll nonetheless fresh your floor!

Get the reputable iRobot Roomba Open Interface (ROI) specification and all code awarded within the booklet in ready-to-run shape at

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Creating a Processing Library With RoombaComm packaged as a JAR dossier, a Processing library will be created. within the Processing root listing, there's a sub-directory known as libraries. All libraries cross the following, either ones that include Processing and any third-party libraries you put in. Processing expects libraries to comply to a listing commonplace and feature definite documents current. whilst RoombaComm is put in in Processing, the listing constitution feels like directory 7-2. There are numerous libraries already in Processing, like for OpenGL or community entry. bankruptcy 7 — Making RoombaView directory 7-2: Processing listing constitution for Libraries Processing/ faq/ reference/ lib/ libraries/ serial/ internet/ opengl/ roombacomm/ library/ export. txt roombacomm. jar RXTXComm. jar librxtxSerial. jnilib librxtxSerial. so rxtxSerial. dll The export. txt dossier encompasses a record of which documents within the library are wanted. For RoombaComm it appears like: program. macosx = roombacomm. jar, RXTXcomm. jar, librxtxSerial. jnilib program. linux = roombacomm. jar, RXTXcomm. jar, librxtxSerial. so program. home windows = roombacomm. jar, RXTXcomm. jar, rxtxSerial. dll whilst Processing procedures export. txt it acknowledges which records are JAR records and that are shared libraries and a lot them correctly. not more atmosphere classpaths and Java atmosphere variables. realize that export. txt comprises separate entries for every OS. this can be wanted merely simply because RXTX wishes platform-specific code to entry the serial ports. If RoombaComm didn’t want platform-specific code, then a unmarried software line will be enough. The RoombaComm distribution features a script known as build-processing-library. sh that builds a roombacomm-processing. zip dossier containing every thing had to reflect the listing constitution of directory 7-2 together with all of the useful records. fitting a Processing Library while roombacomm-processing. zip is created (or downloaded off the Net), it should be put in in Processing. Assuming either roombacomm-processing. zip and Processing are within the related listing, fitting the library in the course of the command line is completed with those instructions: % cp roombacomm-processing. zip “Processing 0118/libraries” % cd “Processing 0115/libraries” % unzip roombacomm-processing. zip 137 138 half II — enjoyable activities otherwise you can use a dossier explorer to drop the ZIP dossier into the libraries listing and double-click it to unzip the contents. while Processing is restarted, you want to see roombacomm as a library selection while deciding on caricature ➪ Import Library (see determine 7-3). determine 7-3: RoombaComm put in effectively as a Processing library in the event you decide on a library (like roombacomm) from cartoon ➪ Import Library, Processing inserts the suitable Java import strains into the cartoon. You don’t need to import libraries this manner, however it makes issues more uncomplicated when you don’t be aware of the precise identify of the sessions within the library you’re uploading. a primary RoombaComm Processing comic strip an excellent begin will be the SimpleTest. java software obvious earlier than.

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