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Want to get greatest functionality out of your MGB?
This improved and updated variation of How to strength music MGB four Cylinder Engines is choked with transparent and down-to-earth recommendation, in addition to specialist tips about getting the utmost functionality, for street or song from the MGB’s 4 cylinder B sequence engine. masking the ‘top ten’ of engine tuning strategies intimately, writer Peter Burgess is going but additional – from convenient ‘power recipes’ for purchasing the functionality that you simply want, to in-depth directions on bettering dealing with with suspension, brake and tire upgrades.
Detailed appendices are incorporated, offering beneficial formulation, cam timing tables for Piper and Kent cams, and a number of functionality and tuning info that can assist you along with your tuning.

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5cm3 in step with cylinder) the engine will top at a decrease rpm because the fuel pace can be reached prior. height rpm = 183. 7 x 5900 x 2. 074 487. five = 4611rpm (Close to the 4700rpm top came across at the rolling road). If the 1950cc engine is geared up with a tuned cam that raises greatest gasoline velocity to 195 ft/sec. - top rpm = 195 x 5900 x 2. 074 487. five = 4895rpm (Close to the 5000rpm top came across at the rolling road). TORQUE AND HORSEPOWER the connection among torque and horsepower: Bhp = rpm x torque 5252 Torque = bhp x 5252 rpm Torque figures are measured at once from the engine by way of a dynamometer after which mathematically switched over to horsepower (bhp). for instance, if an MGB engine produces 79bhp @ 3000rpm, 107bhp @ 4000rpm and 128bhp @ 5200rpm. How does the Torque output fluctuate? Torque = seventy nine x 5252 3000 = 138. 3lb/ft Torque = 017 x 5252 4000 = one hundred forty. 5lb/ft Torque = 128 x 5252 5000 = 129. 3lb/ft From this is often noticeable that the torque output curve is reasonably flat – an exceptional torquey (lots of grunt) engine. those figures are from a 1900 MGB with a reasonably quick street cam. At 5252rpm bhp and torque has to be equivalent. Torque produces acceleration, while bhp offers best pace. preferably, the rpm distinction among height torque and top horsepower desires to be as huge as attainable (then the engine will pull like a steam teach and nonetheless rev good! ) delivering greatest flexibility. TORQUE AND ACCELERATION If the entire weight of the automobile and engine greatest torque are identified then zero to 60 acceleration may be expected utilizing the subsequent formulation: zero to 60 (seconds) = 2 x W ∧ zero. 6 T the place: W = weight of vehicle T = greatest torque in lb/ft Don’t fail to remember to incorporate the driver’s weight and any gas within the tank (approx 7. 5lb in keeping with imperial gallon) eg: a regular MGB GT weighs 2395. 8lb, plus motive force (say, 150lb): max. torque is 100lb/ft. zero to 60 = 2 x 2545. eight ∧ zero. 6 a hundred = 10. 6 seconds. expanding torque will lessen the zero to 60 time. for example, the engine used because the instance for the torque and horsepower maths produced a greatest torque of 145lb/ft. zero to 60 = 2 x 2545. eight ∧ zero. 6 forty five = eight. forty six seconds. believe the auto weight is decreased by means of, say, 200lb. What may be the impact at the zero to 60 time? zero to 60 = 2 x 2345. eight ∧ zero. 6 one hundred forty five = eight. 05 seconds. If greatest bhp is understood, a rule of thumb approach to developing the rise in most sensible pace is as follows: Max. velocity = 3√(new bhp/old bhp) x outdated max. velocity eg: a customary MGB GT has 65bhp on the wheels and a best pace of 108mph. With 90bhp on the wheels: Max. velocity = 3√(90/65) x 108 = 3√1. 385 x 108 = 1. a hundred and fifteen x 108 = a hundred and twenty. 4mph eg: How a lot bhp on the wheels is important to arrive 145mph? New bhp @ wheels = (new mph/ outdated mph)3 x previous bhp = (145 /108)3 x sixty five = 2. forty two x sixty five = 157bhp on the wheels! (you would wish a V8 for this! ) gasoline offer the next formulation can be utilized to reach at an approximate notion of the engine gasoline offer wishes so one can have the capacity to measurement the gasoline pump safely. gasoline intake (lb in keeping with hour) = max. engine horsepower x BSFC BSFC stands for Brake particular gas intake, that is given in kilos of gasoline used in keeping with horsepower in line with hour.

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