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By Ali Peiravi - XKP

We thank God the Almighty for the chance granted to us to adopt the training of IMAM REZA'S PILGRIMAGE tactics AND PRAYERS. Imam Reza (MGB)1 is the 8th Immaculate chief of Muslims from the progeny of Muhammad the Prophet of God (MGB). Imam Ali ibn Musa often called al-Reza was once often referred to as Abal-Hassan. He used to be born in Medina on Thursday, eleventh Dhu'l Qi'dah 148 A.H. (765 A.D.). He used to be poisoned by way of alMa'mun on the age of fifty five in Mashhad on Tuesday, seventh Saffar 203 A.H. (818 A.D.) and buried in Mashhad.



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And remain close to the placement of his head up to you would like. and also you needs to say your prayers on the tomb. Farewell Then for those who choose to say farewell recite: As-Salaamu 'Alayka Yaa Mawlaaya wabna Mawlaaya Wa Rah'matul-Laahi Wa-Barakaatuh. Anta Lanaa Junnatun Minal-Adhaabi wa-Haadhaa Awaanun-S'iraafee Anka In Kunta Adhinta Lee Ghayra Raaghibin 'Anka wa-Laa Mustabdilin Bika Walaa Mu'thirin 'Alayka Walaa Zaahidin cost Qurbik. O grasp! O the son of my grasp! Peace be upon you! and will the grace of God and His benefits be upon you. you're the armour opposed to the Punishment for us. And now it's time for me to go away you should you enable me. i'm neither prepared to go away from you, nor to settle on somebody else and alternative him for you. and that i don't abstain from being close to you. Waqad Jirtu Bi-Nafsee Lil-H'adathaani wa-Taraktul-Ahla wal Awlaada wal-Awt'aana Fakun Lee Shaafi 'an Yawma H'aajatee wa-Faqree wa-Faaqatee, Yawma Laa Yughnee 'Annee H'ameemee wa-Laa Qareebee, Yawma Laa Yughnee 'Annee Waalidee walaa Waladee. certainly I made an attempt for what got here to cross. certainly I left my relations, young children and place of birth. Then intercede on my behalf at the Day of my desire, poverty and destitution: The Day while neither my pals nor strangers can avail me whatever in any respect. The Day whilst neither my father nor my mom can avail me whatever in any respect. As'alul-Laahal-Ladhee Qaddara 'Alayya Rah'eelee Ilayka An Yunaffisa Bika Kurbatee, wa- As'alul-Laahal-Ladhee Qaddara 'Alayya Firaaqa Makaanika Anlaa Yaj'alahoo Aakhiral-(Ahdi Min Ziyaaratee Laka wa-Rujoo'ee Ilayka. I ask God, who destined it for me to make pilgrimage to you, to take away my sorrow by way of you. and that i ask God who destined it for me to leave out of your position to not permit this be the final time I make pilgrimage for your tomb and stopover at your shrine, and that i ask God to come me to you. Wa- As'alul-Laahal-Ladhee Araanee Makaanaka wa-Hadaanee Lit-Tasleemi 'Alayka wa-Ziyaaratee Iyyaaka An Yooridanee H'awd'akum wa-Yarzuqanee Min Muraafaqatikum fil-Jinaan. I ask God to make me cry over you in order that He may perhaps determine it as a way for me and as a discounts. and that i ask God to teach me your home, and to lead me in the direction of submission to you, and stopover at you until eventually I come to you at your Pool. I ask God to supply me your companionship in Heaven. As-Salaamu 'Alayka Yaa S'afwatal-Laahi, As-Salaamu 'Alaa Ameeril-Mu'mineena wa-Wasjyyi Rasooli Rabbil-(Aalameena wa-Qaa'idil-Ghurril-Muh'ajjaleena, As-Salaamu 'Alal-H'asani wal-H'usayni Sayyiday Shabaabi Ahlil-Jannati, As-Salaamu O the only selected by way of God! Peace be upon you. Peace be upon the Commander of the trustworthy, and the Testamentary Trustee of the Messenger of the Lord of the 2 worlds, and the chief of the lustrous ones. (I) Peace be upon al-Hassan and al-Hussein - the Masters of adlescent in Heaven. Peace be upon the stainless Imams… and also you name them through identify one after the other … Wa-Rah'matul-Laahi Wa-Barakaatuh. As-Salaamu 'Alaa God's Prophet (MGB) acknowledged that God the Exalted the excessive printed to him at the evening of his ascension 3 issues approximately Ali: that he's the grasp of the believers, the chief of the pious ones, and the chief of these with white-foreheads or "Qa'ed al-Ghurr-HMuhajjelin" - those people who are pleased with their deeds.

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