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Moreover Abu Mikhnaf tells us that the 6th Imam pronounced that Imam al-Husayn had acquired thirty-three spear thrusts and thirty-four sword blows on his physique by the point he was once killed[31]. but `Ammar supplies us one short sentence describing how the Imam died. Ammar's account needs to be suspect. It probably didn't come from the Imam al-Baqir and turns out not going to be the paintings of a Shi’i akin to `Ammar who was once modern with Jabir b. Yazid al-Ju`fi and said traditions from him. Notes: [18] Al-Mas'udi, Muruj al-Dhahab (Beirut, n. d. ), III, pp. 53-5. [19] Ibid. , pp. 60-1. [20] Abu al-Faraj, op. cit. , p. sixty three. [21] Al-Tabari, op. cit. , eleven, pp. 292-3. [22] Ibid. , p. 294. [23] Ibid. , p. three hundred. [24] Ibid. , p. 314. [25] Ibid. , p. 314. [26] Ibid. , p. 314. [27] Ibid. , p. 315. [28] J. Wellhausen, The Religio-Political Factions in Early Islam, tr. Walzer and Ostle (Amsterdam, 1975). [29] Al-Tabari, op. cit. , II, 282. [30] Ibid. , p. 360. [31] Ibid. , p. 366. bankruptcy 6 Account n. five : `Awana b. al-Hakam Ibn al-Kalbi has incorporated a few narratives from `Awana b. al-Hakam which complement the model of Abu Mikhnaf and occasionally supply possible choices for it. Al-Baladhuri additionally provides quotations from `Awana from various resources than Ibn al­Kalbi[32]. `Awana provides his experiences with none additional isnad. this means that they're taken from a continuing account which `Awana had written. the 1st extract which we've got from it matters Yazid's appointment of Ibn Ziyad as governor of Kufa after receiving proceedings from his supporters that Nu’man b. Bashir used to be now not performing company opposed to Muslim b. `Aqil and the Shi’i in Kufa. `Awana appears the single resource for the tale of Yazid consulting his father's Christian consultant, Sergius. Sergius tells Yazid that his father was once going to nominate Ibn Ziyad over Kufa and advises him to do an identical. Yazid takes this recommendation and writes to Ibn Ziyad, telling him to visit Kufa and hunt for Muslim. He provides him 3 offerings in his therapy of Muslim: to imprison him, to kill him or to banish him[33]. Ibn A'tham repeats this account in a just a little decorated model with no giving any connection with `Awana[34] however it is obvious that `Awana has to be his resource, most likely within the model of Ibn al-Kalbi. Shaykh al-Mufid additionally reproduces the account yet he says that his model relies on Ibn A'tham[35]; al-Mufid didn't detect the consequences of this model of `Awana; it gets rid of the accountability of the appointment of Ibn Ziyad from Yazid and places it, in impression, no longer on Mu`awiya, yet in its place on Mu`awiya's Christian consultant. hence Yazid is exonerated to some degree from Ibn Ziyad's behavior. Even the 3 offerings given to Ibn Ziyad for facing Muslim are provided in this type of approach as to put much less emphasis at the killing of Muslim. the 1st is imprisonment, the final banishment. Ibn Ziyad's selection of the second one, killing, positioned extra of the accountability for that on himself instead of Yazid. one other record from `Awana of a few value is paralleled by means of studies from Abu Mikhnaf. It emphasizes the reluctance of `Umar b.

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