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By Klaus D. Sattler

In depth learn on fullerenes, nanoparticles, and quantum dots within the Nineteen Nineties resulted in curiosity in nanotubes and nanowires in next years. instruction manual of Nanophysics: Nanotubes and Nanowires makes a speciality of the basic physics and most recent functions of those vital nanoscale fabrics and constructions. each one peer-reviewed bankruptcy includes a broad-based creation and complements realizing of the state of the art medical content material via basic equations and illustrations, a few in color.

This quantity first covers key facets of carbon nanotubes, together with quantum and electron delivery, isotope engineering, and fluid circulation, prior to exploring inorganic nanotubes, resembling spinel oxide nanotubes, magnetic nanotubes, and self-assembled peptide nanostructures. It then specializes in germanium, gallium nitride, gold, polymer, and natural nanowires and their homes. The publication additionally discusses nanowire arrays, nanorods, atomic wires, monatomic chains, ultrathin gold nanowires, and several other nanorings, together with superconducting, ferromagnetic, and quantum dot nanorings.

Nanophysics brings jointly a number of disciplines to figure out the structural, digital, optical, and thermal habit of nanomaterials; electric and thermal conductivity; the forces among nanoscale items; and the transition among classical and quantum habit. Facilitating conversation throughout many disciplines, this landmark book encourages scientists with disparate pursuits to collaborate on interdisciplinary tasks and include the speculation and technique of different parts into their paintings.

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