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By Miguel Real

A severe survey of latest Portuguese literature, with specific emphasis on works released after 2000.

Contains an chronological index of portuguese fiction released from 1980-2011.

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PEREIRA, Ana Teresa: 26,39,50,59, 62,67. PESSOA, Fernando; forty nine, 89,138,169, 218. PINA, Álvaro: forty nine. PINHEIRO, Júlia: one hundred fifteen. PlNTO, Fernando Esteves: 28,184, 186. PlNTO, José Nunes Pereira: 114. PlNTOjúlio Lourenço: forty five. PlNTO, Margarida Rebelo: 43-46, a hundred and fifteen. PINTO, Pedro: 116. PlRES, Jacinto Lucas: 25,39,51, sixty four, 112,194,196. PlRES, José Cardoso: 32,40-41, eighty, 90,95,97-98,121,145,176. PlRES, Luís Costa: fifty two. PITTA, Eduardo: 25,27,52,137, a hundred and eighty. PORTELA, Patrícia: 22,25,51,56, 57,66,84,161,175-176,180, 184-185,188,193-196. PORTUGAL, Bknc de: 33. PRETO, Maria Antonieta: 64,180, 185,187. QUADROS, António: 32. QUEIRÓS, Eça de: 28-29,82, 88,90, 99,127,200,209. QUEIRÓS, Teixeira de: forty five. QUENTAL, Antero de: 63,138. RAMOS, Wanda: 53,137. REBELLO, Luiz Francisco: eighty five. REBELO,Tiago: a hundred and fifteen. REDOL, Alves: 29,49,60,11,90,99, 104,195. RÉGIO, José: 31-32,49,82-83,99, 152,190. REIS, Carlos: 41,49. REIS, Patrícia: 24,51,55,185-186. REIS-Sá, Jorge: 22,25,188. RICARDO, Isabel: 224. RIBEIRO, Aquilino: 29,49,60,99, 117,152. RIBEIRO, Ana Costa: 188. RIBEIRO, Pedro Medina: 52,56, 162,184,186-187,194,196. RocHA,Jaime:51. ROCHA, Luís Miguel: 116. RODRIGUES, Ernesto: 65,224. 233 234 MIGUEL genuine RODRIGUES, Ruben: 219. mm RODRIGUES, Urbano Tavares: 28,32, 49,65,76,85,87-88,90,92, 189. ROMA, Maria: one hundred fifteen. ROSA, Ana Ferraz da: fifty two. ROSA, António Ramos: forty nine. ROSA, Faure da: eighty five. ROSA, Luís: 223. RUAS, Joana: 25. SlLVA, Maria Augusta: 189. SIMÕES, João Gaspar: 32,33,54. SOUSA, António de: 32. SOUSA , Sérgio de: 114. STILWEL, Isabel: a hundred and fifteen. de: forty nine. SABINO, Amadeu Lopes: 50. M. : 22-23,39, 48,51,55-57,84,161-165, 167-171,175,177,184-185, 193,195-196. TAVARES, Miguel Sousa: fifty six. TEIXEIRA-GOMES, Manuel: forty nine. TERRA, José: 33. TlAGO, Manuel (Álvaro Cunhal): fifty four. SACRAMENTO, Mário: seventy seven. TORRADO, António: 184. SALEMA, Álvaro: 32. SALEMA, Teresa: sixty eight. revenues, António Augusto: sixty seven. SANTOS, Hugo: 189. SANTOS, José Rodrigues dos: one hundred fifteen. SANTOS, Margarida Fonseca: 113. SANTOS. , Octávio: 185-186. SARAIVA, José António: 113. SARAMAGO, José: 22-23,29,34,41, 50,54,61-62,80,83,96,101, 111,133,137-143,155-156, 164,176,193,199-200,221-222. SARMENTO, Luís Filipe: sixty six. SARMENTO, Paulo: 184. SASPORTES,José:53. SEIXO, Maria Alzira: 41,49,146-149. SENA, Jorge de: 33,49,88,97. TORDO, João: RUBEN, A. : 49,85,90,95,113,145. Sá-CARNEIRO, Mário SENA-LINO, Pedro: 189. SERRA, Helena: 194. Cristina: 27,51,56,68, 185-186,225. SlLVA, Antunes da: seventy seven. SILVA, Daniel: 116. SILVA, José Mário: 184,188. SlLVA, José Marmelo e: 57,86-87. SlLVA, Luís Filipe: 188. SILVA, Ana WWBÈiiÊA O ROMANCE PORTUGUÊS CONTEMPORÂNEO TAVARES, Gonçalo 17,22,24,52,56-57, 84,161,177,180-182,185-186, 195-196. TORGA, Miguel: 29,32,49,60, 72-74,77,99,104,152. TORRES, Alexandre Pinheiro: seventy two. TRIGUEIROS, Luís Forjaz: 32. iciness, Isabel dÁvila: 25 VASCONCELOS, Mário Cesariny de: forty nine. VASCONCELOS, Teixeira de: 38,45. VAZ, David Óscar: 188. VEIGA, Celina: 188. VEIGA, Teresa: 188. VENÂNCIO, Fernando: 111,148. VENDA, António Manuel: 64,113. VENTURA, Helena: 224. VIANA, Maria Manuel: 27,56,185. VIDAL, José Marques: 224. VIEGAS, Francisco José: 22,25,39, 41-43,51,55-56,64,112,118, 121,123-124,127,180,182, 186,195.

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