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During this publication individual specialists from quite a number disciplines (Orientalists, philologists, philosophers, theologians and historians) handle a primary challenge which lies on the center of the non secular and philosophical debate of overdue antiquity. Paganism was once now not a unified culture and for that reason the papers conceal a large social and highbrow spectrum. specific emphasis is given to numerous points of the subject: first, monotheistic trust in past due vintage philosophical beliefs and its roots in classical antiquity and the close to East; moment, monistic Gnosticism; 3rd, the revelatory culture as expressed in oracular literature; and at last, the monotheistic development in well known religion.

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Kyzikos 2. five, I . Stele depicts Zeus with 140 S. Mitchell thunderbolt beside altar, a herm, and a feminine determine mendacity at the floor. Τιβ ριο Κλα διο | Σ ντροφο ∆ι | ψ στ κατ’ πιτα|γ ν κ τ áνñ δ |ων ν θηκεν | βροντα 186. Pergamum, I. Pergamon 330, I . [< Ηλ] ωι | θ[ε] ι | ψ[ ]στωι | Τ τιον | ε. χ ν 187. Pergamum, I. Pergamon 331, I–II . Γλ κινα | θε ψ στ | ε χ ν ν θηκα | ρωµ νη µετ τ ν | – 188. Pergamum, G. Delling, ‘Die Altarinschrift eines Gottesfürchtigen in Pergamon’, Novum Testamentum, 7 (1964/5), 73–80, II . θε κ ριο νε ε . | Ζ πυρο τ κυρ ωι τ ν βωµ ν κα τ ν φω[ι]τοφ ρον µετ το φλογο χου Bithynia 189. Prusa? , I. Prusa 2. 1013, I –I  ? [ κ] µη ν θηκεν ∆ι ψ στ | [τ ν] ε χ ν, πιµελητο | ∆ιοφ νου. | Πατερ ων χαρ σατο χ ραν | τ κ µ µεδ µνων δ κα a hundred ninety. Nicomedia, TAM four. 1. sixty two, embellished with eagle, imperial. γαθ Τ [χ ] | ∆ι ψ στ Στρ |των Μουκ ζου | κατ ναρ ν σ|στησα 191. Nicomedia, TAM four. 1. eighty, adorned with eagle, imperial. [ ]γαθ Τ χ | Λο κι φ|φου θε | ψ σστ ε |χαριστ ρι|ον 192. Nicomedia, TAM four. 1. eighty one, imperial. θε ψ στ | πηκ | Στ τιο | < Ρουφ νο | κατ νταρ|χο τ ν | βωµ ν Pontus 193. Sebastopolis, SEG forty-one (1991), 1115, past due II–III . θε |ψ στ | ε χ | χ ριν Πον|τ. α Ο αλε. |ρ α 194. Trapezus, unpublished (Studia Pontica 417b), cf. Timothy Mitford, ZPE 87 (1991), a hundred ninety no. four Paphlagonia 195. Amastris, Marek, Stadt und Ära, 157 Am. 1b, c.  forty five. Rock-cut inscription carved on base helping a column crowned through an eagle. The textual content is inscribed along an inscription organize on behalf of the imperial peace and in honour of the emperor Claudius via the praefectus fabrum C. Iulius Aquila. θε ι ψ στωι | πηκ [ω]ι Ηλ[ιο ? ] | ε [ξ µενο ? ] | – – 196. Amastris, SEG 35 (1985) 1322, Marek, Stadt und Ära, 167 Am. 32, III ? θε [ψ]| στ Α ρ. | Βασιλε | π ρ τε |αυτο κα | τ ν δ ων | ε χ | χ ριν 197. Hadrianopolis, Marek, Stadt und Ära, 194 H. 24, III . [ γαθ Τ χ | [θε ] ψ στ | Α ρ. Επιθυµη|τ κ Βασιλ|[ικ] σ ν το πα|[ιδ ]οι µ ν ε |χαριστο µεν | θε θαν τ 198. Sinope, D. M. Robinson, AJA nine (1905), 306 no. 29; L. Robert, Études anatoliennes (1937), 286, II–III . θε ψ στ Α λιο Θρεπτ ων Ποντιαν , Σεου ρο , Μ κερ, ο δελφο ε ξ µενοι 199. Sinope, G. Mendel, BCH 27 (1903), 333 no. forty nine; D. M. Robinson, AJA nine The Cult of Theos Hypsistos 141 (1905), 304 no. 26, imperial. θε µεγ λ ψ στ ε χ [ ] χ [ριν ν ]θηκε [–]ο µετ [τ γυ]ναι[κ] < Ρου[φ]ε [νη ] two hundred. Sinope, D. H. French, EA 23 (1994), 104–5 no. 2, I–II . γαθ Τ χ | θε ψ στ | Ονησ τειµο | κα υ α το | γαθ µερο | ε χ ν 201. Tieum, L. Robert, Études anatoliennes (1937), 287 no. 12, imperial. γαθ Τ χ . θε ψ στ Οκλατιαν ∆οµιτιαν Galatia 202. Ancyra (Kalecik), SEG 31 (1981), 1080, III ? τ µεγ λ | θε ψ στ κα | πουραν κα | το γ οι α το | νγ λοι κα τ | προσκυνητ α |το προσευχ τ | δε ργα γε νεται 203. Germa (Holanta), RECAM 2. 141, cf. S. Mitchell, Anatolia 2. 36, IV ? δ ναµι < Υψ στου 204. Tavium, RECAM 2. 418, II . γαθ Τ χ | θε ψ στ Καρ|π γκυραν | κα Ταουιαν | µονοπ λη ν |θηκα ε χ νεκ[εν] Phrygia 205. Acmonia (Çorum), SEG 26/27 (1976/7), 1356, III . γαθ Τ χ[ ] | Α ρ. Τατι Ο|νησ µου χαλ. |κ ο σ νβιο | σ ν τ συµβ | Ονησ µ θε| ψ στ κ τ| ν δ ων ν |[στ]ησαν 206.

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