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The Panzerkampfwagen V Panther is without doubt one of the best-known German tanks in life and is taken into account one of many maximum tanks of global struggle II. while in June of 1941, Germany invaded Russia, Panzertruppe encountered KV sequence and T-34/76 tanks, a long way improved in firepower and armour security to any Panzer in provider on the time. It was once for that reason made up our minds to layout a brand new extra strong medium tank, which can be quick placed into creation. This publication information the outcome, the Medium conflict Tank, to be had for provider in January 1943. Later versions ensured that it grew to become probably the most feared tanks of WWII.

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5cm KwK 42/1 L/70, with a co-axial MG forty two (rather than MG 34), and featured a slender conical gun mantlet and turret entrance, plus thicker armour, which will bring up its battlefield survivability. The chassis remained nearly similar to that of the version G, other than that it had greater armour casting at the glacis plate surrounding the computing device gun ball mount, transformed publications for the sliding driver's and radio operator's hatches, and thickened frontal hull roof plates. during this artist's impact, the tank has been painted in darkish Olive eco-friendly (RAL 6003) all through as its base paint, a technique approved through the German excessive Command in past due November 1944. INDEX ammunition nine, 15, 41-2 Ardennes campaigns (1944-45) four, 33, 37-40, forty three armoured plate effectiveness forty two version As 23 version Ds nine, 17-18 version Fs forty version Gs 34 Panther IIs 18 Panther prototypes 6, 7 Schurzen plates 10, 19, forty five, forty six, F T-34s four German military 1st Panzer department 24 2d SS Panzer department Das Reich 15, 20, 24-33 4th Panzer department three fifth SS Panzer department Wiking 24, 37, 38 sixth Panzer military 37-40 twelfth SS Panzer department Hitler early life 37 thirteenth Panzer department 23, forty four fifteenth Panzer department forty five 51st and 52nd Panzer Battalion nine, 12, 14,44 one hundred and fiftieth Panzer Brigade 39-40 conflict staff Peiper 37-9, forty three Panzergrenadier department Gross Bagration, Operation 37 deutschland 12 Barbarossa, Operation 3-4 Guderian, Col. -Gen. Heinz 3-4 Barkmann, SS-NCO Ernst 15, 20, 24-33 Bulge, conflict of the (1944-45) four, 33, 37-40, forty three weapons 7, 8-9, thirteen, 19, 20, 37, forty ammunition nine, 15, 41-2 lethality 41-2 camouflage forty four, 45-7, B, C, D, E, F fort, Operation (1943) nine, 10, 12-13, 14 Henschel five, 10, eleven, 18, 21, 35 Cobra, Operation (1944) 20, 33 communications apparatus 6, nine, 12, 15-16, Hitler, Adolf five, 6, 7, 37 17, forty four, A, D cupolas version As 14, 21, 23, forty five, C version Ds 12, forty four, A version Gs 24 Panther prototypes 7 Daimler-Benz 4-6, 10, 21, 34, 35, forty, forty-one, forty seven deck and decking 15, 33, 34, forty six, F DEMAG 10, eleven, 18-19,21,35 Dietrich, SS Col. -Gen. 'Sepp' 37, 39 engines and riding mechanisms version As 21-2 version Ds nine, 10, eleven, thirteen Panther IIs 18 Panther prototypes five, 7 T-34s four gear driver's visors 7 fan louvers 15, 24, forty six gun points of interest 22-3, forty five, forty six, C, D, E hatches and ports 6, 14, 34, 35-6, forty, forty four, forty five, A, C headlamps 7, eleven, 14, forty four, A, B, D jib growth sockets 23, 34, 35, forty six, E desktop gun mounts 7, sixteen, 21, 22, forty, forty four, forty six, A, E periscopes 14, 21, 23, 34, forty six, forty seven, D rain guards 14, 35, 36, forty four, forty six, B, D, E smoke-grenade launchers five, 6, 7, nine, eleven, thirteen, forty four, forty four, A stowage containers 17 see additionally communications gear; infra-red gear exhaust platforms version As four, 17, 18, 23, forty six, E version Ds thirteen version Gs 33, 34, 35, 36 gasoline and gas intake five, nine, thirteen infra-red apparatus 36 interiors forty-one, forty six, D Jentz, Tom thirteen, 18, 19, 35, forty Krupp forty-one Kursk, conflict of (1943) 12-13 guy (Maschinenfabrik AugsbergNuremburg) Befehls (Command) Panthers 15 version As 15,21 version Ds 6 , eight , 10, 17-18 version Fs forty-one version Gs three three , three four , three five Panther IIs 19 Panther prototypes four, 5-7 MNH 10, 21, 34, 35, forty-one Ni-Werk forty-one Normandy campaigns (1944) four, 33, 37 Panther fee 3-4 Panthers three, 36, forty two disguised as M10 tank destroyers four, 39-4( origins and prototypes 3-8 time to provide each one forty three use after conflict forty three Panthers: Befehls (Command) Panthers 12 15-17, 21, 38 Panthers: version a fifteen, sixteen, 19, 20, forty five Befehls (Command) Panthers 15-16 early types 14, 17, 20-1, 44-5, C overdue versions 22-3, forty six, E heart versions four, 18 operations 15, 23-33 creation 14, 21-2 Panthers: version D Befehls (Command) Panthers 15-16 early versions five, 6, 6, 7, 8-9, nine, 10, eleven, forty four forty four, A overdue versions forty four, forty five, B heart types 8,11 adjustments 9-14, 19 operations 12-13, 14, 15 construction eight, 10-11, 13-14, 19 Panthers: version F thirteen, 39, 40-1, forty, forty seven, G Panthers: version G forty three Befehls (Command) Panthers 15-16 early types 33-4, 35, 45-6, forty six, D overdue versions 24, 33, 34, 37, 46-7, forty seven, F center versions 23 transformations 35-6 numbers 24, 36 operations 36-40, 38 creation 34-5 form 21, 22 Panthers: Panther IIs thirteen, 17-20 Peiper, SS Lt-Col.

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