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By Sarah Skye, Dace Allen

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Was Benedict XVI the final genuine Pope? Does the reign of Pope Francis mark the start of finish Times?

In this ebook, you'll become aware of the eerily actual prophecies of Saint Malachy. You'll see what Nostradamus and mom Shipton acknowledged, besides many different mystics who envisioned the ultimate days... and your future.

We'll proportion the 3 very other ways to learn Malachy's 112th prediction (the Petrus Romanus one), and why punctuation makes all of the distinction if you're counting Popes after Benedict XVI.

We'll clarify why Comet ISON may possibly sign while the antichrist will look, and what political headlines -- particularly which dynamic Papal duo -- should still make you nervous.

You'll detect why Pope Francis is an enigma, and who to monitor much more heavily. the genuine energy -- and Petrus Romanus -- could be an individual you least anticipate. (After all, the Wizard of oz. used to be often hid in the back of the curtain.)

Or, Petrus Romanus could have performed his function and left the degree. We'll element to the main most likely -- and virtually overlooked -- fit for St. Malachy's prophecy.

But -- we promise -- we won't make every little thing sound like a conspiracy that would finish very badly. We'll element to the silver linings in lots of prophecies concerning the finish times.

Sure, you'll observe the reality concerning the 666 tiara, and what numerology may possibly let us know concerning the final Pope... and the darkness that could persist with him.

You'll additionally examine interesting minutiae concerning the first Borgia Pope, the legend of the White Pope and the Black Pope, and the way Benedict's resignation may perhaps satisfy a really not likely prophecy. (If we're correct -- Pope Francis already fits our suspicions -- this might get very weird.)

If you're searching for well-researched historical past with a splash of flippant humor, and a "last Pope" clarification that doesn't take itself too seriously... this can be the ebook you want!

Discover the prophecies. See how they healthy jointly. research what to observe for in global headlines. learn this ebook and be prepared for what's ahead!

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For 2 years after the demise of Pope Nicholas IV, the cardinals nonetheless couldn't agree on a brand new Pope. To many, the church was once drifting with no chief. a well known airtight month, Pietro di Morrone, despatched the cardinals a letter caution them that divine vengeance may fall upon them in the event that they didn't quickly succeed in an contract a few Pope. After the letter was once learn aloud, Latino Malabranca, the elderly dean of the varsity of Cardinals exclaimed, “In the identify of the daddy, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I opt for brother Pietro di Morrone. ” His fellow cardinals briskly agreed and voted for Pietro di Morrone, who reluctantly authorised and have become Pope Celestine V. He felt beaten by means of the initiatives essential to lead the church, and resumed his airtight existence. In 1313, he was once canonized as a saint. No different Pope has taken the identify Celestine. Gregory VI Gregory VI used to be Pope for roughly a 12 months (April/May 1045 – 20 December 1046) while he both abdicated or used to be deposed. He freely admitted to purchasing his means into the Papacy. knowing that he couldn’t break out being deposed, he resigned. Benedict IX Benedict IV was once Pope thrice among 1032 and 1048. even though a favored guy, and the youngest Pope ever, at one element he offered the Papacy to his godfather, Gregory VI, and resigned. different Popes The above record contains the single Popes who essentially resigned, notwithstanding no longer all have been thoroughly voluntary. a number of different Popes could have resigned, however the documentation isn’t powerful sufficient to make certain: John XVIII (January 1004 – July 1009) Liberius (17 might 352 – 24 September 366) Marcellinus (30 June 296 – 1 April 304) Pope Pontian (21 July 230 – 28 September 235) App. 2 – entire Malachy Prophecy checklist the subsequent is a listing* of Popes and antipopes (and a couple of who have been with reference to being antipopes). This isn’t a whole record of each Catholic Pope, ever. It’s purely those who could correspond with the Malachy prophecy. The antipopes would not have legitimate sequential numbers; a few have verses yet others don’t. additionally, the Catholic Encyclopedia lists Celestine II because the 166th Pope. Numbering platforms differ. What’s very important for this research is the series at the correct aspect, indicating which Malachy verse is referenced. Pope’s identify and tenure / Malachy’s series and motto. 167 Celstine II (1143-1144) / 1 Ex castro Tyberis. (From Tyber fortress) 168 Lucius II (1144-1145) / 2 Inimicus expulsus. (Enemy expelled) 169 Blessed Eugene III (1145-1153) / three Ex magnitudine montis. (Out of the greatness of the mountain) one hundred seventy Anastasius IV (1153-1154) / four Abbas Suburranus. (Of the Suburra family members) 171 Adrian IV (1154-1159) / five De rure albo. (From the white nation-state) —————————————————————————- Antipopes Victor IV (1159-1164) / 6 Ex tetro carcere. (Of a loathsome legal) Paschal III (1164-1168) / 7 through trans-Tyberina. (Road around the Tyber) Calistus III (1168-1178) / eight De Pannonia Tusciae. (From Tusculan Hungary) blameless III (1179-1180) … no Malachy reference, he lasted a bit over 3 months earlier than exile. —————————————————————————- 172 Alexander III (1159-1181) / nine Ex ansere custode.

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