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By John F. MacArthur

What may God say approximately those that blatantly misrepresent His Holy Spirit; who trade precise worship for chaotic matches of senseless ecstasy; who exchange the biblical gospel with useless illusions of well-being and wealth; who declare to prophesy in His identify but communicate mistakes; and who promote fake wish to determined humans for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The charismatic move has continually been a breeding-ground for scandal, greed, undesirable doctrine, and every kind of religious chicanery. As a circulation, it's essentially headed the incorrect course. And it truly is growing to be at an remarkable rate.

From the note of religion to the hot Apostolic Reformation, the Charismatic circulation is being fed on via the empty provides of the prosperity gospel. Too many charismatic celebrities advertise a “Christianity” with no Christ, a Holy Spirit with out holiness. And their educating is having a disastrous effect on a grand scale, as huge tv networks broadcast their heresies to each a part of the world.

In Strange Fire, bestselling writer and pastor John MacArthur chronicles the unsavory heritage at the back of the fashionable Charismatic move. He lays out a chilling case for rejecting its fake prophets, talking out opposed to their mistakes, displaying actual reverence to the Holy Spirit, and exceptionally clinging to the Bible because the inerrant, authoritative observe of God and the single real normal during which all fact claims needs to be tested.

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As T. P. Thigpen explains, “Charismatic Catholics, like others within the pentecostal stream, have come to proportion a uncomplicated adventure: an come across with the Holy Spirit with yes charisms that usually stick to. those commonalities have made it attainable for Catholics and Protestants to participate in charismatic conferences or even stay jointly in covenant groups from the very starting of the flow. ”45 in terms of representation, think of the next record: 10000 Charismatics and Pentecostals prayed, sang, danced, clapped and cheered below the typical bond of the Holy Spirit in the course of a four-day ecumenical conference final summer season. . . . approximately part the individuals on the congress at the Holy Spirit and global Evangelization, held July 26 to 29 in Orlando, Florida, have been Catholics. . . . “The Holy Spirit desires to holiday down partitions among Catholics and Protestants,” acknowledged Vinson Synan, theological dean of Pat Robertson’s Regent collage, who chaired the congress. forty six In such circumstances, sound doctrine has been neglected for the sake of a fake harmony that's according to shared non secular studies instead of biblical fact. forty seven yet insofar because the Roman Catholic Church teaches a corrupted fake gospel (as Protestants who confirm the authority and sufficiency of Scripture have regularly emphatically maintained), the spirit in the back of the Catholic charismatic renewal isn't the Holy Spirit. both pertaining to is Oneness Pentecostalism—a phase of the Charismatic circulate (with a few 24 million participants worldwide)48 that denies the doctrine of the Trinity. forty nine As William Kay explains, “Among narrowly outlined classical Pentecostals within the usa, approximately 25% are ‘Oneness’ of their theology. This theology has affinities with modalism within the feel that God is known to be manifested in 3 modes (i. e. Father, Son and Spirit) instead of 3 co-equal and coexistent divine individuals as defined within the Athanasian creed. ”50 In church historical past, modalism used to be soundly condemned since it rejected the biblical educating that the Godhead comprises 3 certain persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. as a substitute, the modalists asserted that there's one God who will be certain by way of 3 diverse names—“Father,” “Son,” and “Holy Spirit”—at assorted occasions, yet those 3 are usually not designated people. as a substitute they're varied modes (thus, modalism) of the single God. hence, God could be known as “Father” because the author of the realm and Lawgiver; he may be known as “Son” as God incarnate in Jesus Christ; and he should be referred to as “Holy Spirit” as God within the church age. hence, Jesus Christ is God and the Spirit is God, yet they aren't targeted people. fifty one because the Councils of Nicaea (325) and Constantinople (381), modalism has been universally understood through each significant department of Christianity as heretical—falling open air the limits of theological orthodoxy. extra very important, modalism falls wanting the transparent instructing of Scripture (cf. Matthew 3:13–17; 28:19; and plenty of different passages). one other instance of charismatic ecumenism is obvious within the instance set through renowned prosperity preacher Joel Osteen.

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