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By Aqa Mahdi Puya (Agha Pooya) - XKP

Tafsir of

51 Zaarayaat (The Winnowing Winds)

52 Tuur (The Mount)

53 Najm (The Star)

54 Qamar (The Moon)

55 Rahmaan (The Benficent)

translated by means of Mirza M. Pooya. one of many few and so much accomplished and specific commentaries at the Quran, as understood within the mild of Prophet and His loved ones.



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The prostration was once no longer made sooner than the physique of Adam yet earlier than the spirit of Allah which carried existence or lifestyles (hayat), wisdom (ilm) and authority (qudrat). because the angels didn't have the information taught to Adam, the command to simply accept Adam's superiority was once simply. It signifies that the mixing of divine colleges in Adam happened due to the spirit of Allah which purified him. Adam used to be the grand sire of the completely purified Ahl ul Bayt pointed out in Ahzab: 33. The Holy Prophet acknowledged: "I was once the prophet of Allah while Adam was once but within the (womb) of water and clay. It used to be my mild (nur) which Allah created earlier than all production. " therefore "man" (insan) said during this verse is the divinely conditioned, built-in and perfected being of the Holy Prophet. It was once this unique purity of the Holy Prophet which, while was once invested with Adam, entitled him to obtain obeisance from the angels. The Holy Prophet's mild gone through the progeny of Adam, manifested within the messengers and prophets of Allah, and reached Abdul Muttalib. Then it bifurcated into his sons Abdullah and Abu Talib; and from Abdullah it manifested in Muhammad and from Abu Talib it manifested in Ali. The Holy Prophet acknowledged: "I and Ali are from one and a similar gentle. " however those rays of the divine mild have been united, via Ali and Fatimah, and manifested in Hasan, Husayn and the 9 Imams of their progeny pointed out within the statement of Baqarah :124. the sunshine of the perfected guy, the Holy Prophet, carried knowledge, purity and authority and manifested them within the chain of prophets as pointed out above. Verse 14 of Ala and verse nine of Shams say: "He certainly will be triumphant who cleanses (purifies) himself. " So those that wish to reach luck need to connect themselves to the completely purified Ahl ul Bayt and stick with their teachings and existence development. Any deviation from them will bring about toxins, evil and wickedness. Bayan capacity clever speech, energy of expression, means to appreciate sincerely the kinfolk of items and revelation in nature and to give an explanation for them. The revelation given to guy via prophets is the top instance of bayan as verse 138 of Ali Imran asserts. The Quran (bayan) the Holy Prophet recited to mankind has no equivalent. confer with Baqarah: 23; Yunus: 37 and 38; Hud: thirteen; Bani Israil: 88 and Tur: 34. Aqa Mahdi Puya says: guy has been endowed with the colleges of contemplation and expression. The measure and the time of improvement of those endowments distinguishes one guy from one other. In prophets and their divinely selected successors they're present in totally constructed shape from the day they're created. in keeping with Najm: 1 to ten the Holy Prophet, because the manifestation of the common beneficence, precedes and surpasses all of the messengers and prophets of Allah. Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq stated that bayan is the best identify of Allah, wherein every thing is understood. It means that guy displays no matter what he gets from the divine resource. عَلَّمَهُ الْبَيَانَ {4} [Pooya/Ali observation 55:4] (see remark for verse three) الشَّمْسُ وَالْقَمَرُ بِحُسْبَانٍ {5} [Pooya/Ali remark 55:5] the fitting legislation, made through Allah, governing the universe, endure witness to Allah's knowledge and justice and likewise to His favours to His creatures.

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