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By Jennifer Colby

Young ones are clearly desirous about themselves. i've got a Bellybutton deals solutions to their so much compelling questions about their bellybuttons. Age-appropriate causes and beautiful pictures motivate readers to proceed their quest for wisdom. extra textual content good points and seek instruments, together with a word list and an index, aid scholars find details and study new phrases.

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The newborn doesn't desire an umbilical wire anymore. 12 ects an unborn child An umbilical wire conn her’s womb. placenta contained in the mot to the thirteen s e i t u O d n a s e i n n I mom and dad usually ask yourself what their baby baby’s stomach button will appear like. a few abdominal buttons stick out a bit of. those abdominal buttons are known as outies. so much abdominal buttons are innies. they don't stick out. not anyone is familiar with why a few are innies and a few are outies. they only shape that means clearly. How the twine is lower has not anything to do with it. 14 ! Ask Questions most folk have “innies. ” yet a few humans have “outies. ” Ask your folks and relations in the event that they have an innie or an outie. e precisely No stomach buttons ar s. an analogous, even for dual 15 Your stomach button is your first actual scar. it's the tissue left over from the place the umbilical wire attached you for your mom. No stomach buttons are alike. nearly each mammal has a stomach button. (The merely ones who don’t are the few species of mammals that lay eggs. ) Even your cat or puppy has a abdominal button. each mammal’s abdominal button is found within the similar position, correct in the midst of the abdominal. sixteen Lo o ok ! Ask a grown-up that will help you locate the abdominal button of a cat or puppy. ll has its This baby lamb sti . umbilical wire connected 17 n r o b w e N a f o e r a C Taking n o t t u B y l l e B ’s y b Ba the world round a child baby’s twine stump needs to be stored fresh and dry. Diapers usually contact the wire stump quarter. So it is very important fresh this region whilst a diaper is modified. The diaper could be folded under the twine stump. This is helping preserve the world dry. After the stump falls off, the world can be wiped clean day-by-day. It not wishes cleansing while the stomach button has healed. 18 ust be lined whilst ould now not get rainy. It m A baby’s wire stump sh th. the child is taking a ba 19 Mariah’s brother misplaced his wire stump in approximately 10 days. The twine stump started to dry up. Then it began to loosen from his abdominal. Mariah’s mom saved the realm fresh and dry. in the future, the stump fell off! Her mom stumbled on it inside of his diaper. Now Mariah can see her brother’s abdominal button. it really is an innie similar to hers! 20 own-up with a toddler? Will you be aiding a gr stomach button. examine the brand-new if this is the case, ask in case you can 21 Think approximately It! lmost all A . ls a m m a m re a s n a Hum . however the g n u o y e v li to th ir b e mammals giv a are n identification h c e e th d n a s u p platy . go surfing d a te s in s g g e y l. a. t a mammals th cinating s fa e s e th t u o b a re o to determine m ve abdominal a h y e th ok in th u o y o creatures. D now not? buttons? Why or why t the day u o b a u o y ll te to ts n Ask your pare octor lower the d e th identification D . rn o b re e w you e? What ls e e n o e m o s identity d r o , umbilical wire ing on the e b t u o b a r e b m e m re else do they u any o y w o h s n a c y e th if ok clinic? As wborn. photographs of you as a ne 22 Glossary mammal (MAM-mil) one of those animal that feeds milk to its younger and customarily has hair or fur protecting such a lot of its epidermis child (NOO-born) lately born food (NOO-tree-uhnts) elements that crops, animals, and other people have to reside and develop placenta (pluh-SEN-tuh) the organ in mammals that kinds contained in the mother’s uterus and nourishes the unborn child being pregnant (PREG-nen-see) the of a lady or lady animal that's going to have a child or infants tissue (TISH-oo) the fabric that kinds the elements in a plant or animal umbilical wire (uhm-BIL-ih-kuhl KORD) a protracted, slim tube that connects an unborn child to the placenta of its mom waste (WAYST) what the physique doesn't use or desire after nutrition has been digested womb (WOOMB) the organ in ladies and a few lady animals within which infants increase in earlier than start discover extra Books: Jenkins, Steve.

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