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By Albert Einstein

This index quantity presents easy access to the main authoritative compilation of records and data referring to Einstein's paintings and correspondence for the 1st 1/2 his lifestyles. It deals readers a Cumulative Index to the 1st ten volumes of the accumulated papers, the 1st entire bibliography of Einstein's clinical and nonscientific writings till 1921, and a succinct biographical time line. This quantity is a useful learn device for delving into Einstein's written legacy; his interactions with colleagues, associations, acquaintances, and relatives; and his clinical, political, academic, and social activities.

Volume eleven offers 3 very important and targeted bibliographies: the record of Writings, 1891-1921; the Einstein Bibliography, 1901-1921; and a Cumulative Bibliography and Index of Citations for Volumes 1-10. The record of Writings contains all of Einstein's manuscrs that remained unpublished through 1921, whereas the Einstein Bibliography contains files that have been republished in this interval. The Cumulative Bibliography and Index of Citations lists all literature written by means of authors mentioned in no less than one of many first ten volumes of the series.

This quantity additionally includes whole lists of Einstein's correspondence up via 1920, and a Chronology of Einstein's lifestyles for the years 1879-1921. the 1st record offers the correspondence in chronological order, whereas the second one record provides the correspondence in alphabetical order through correspondent. The indexes and bibliographies implicitly right inconsistencies and errata around the diversified volumes. different corrections are explicitly accrued in a listing of Errata for the 1st ten volumes of the sequence.

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Sitzungs­ berichte (1917): 142–152 [Vol. 6, document. forty three, 540–552; trans. 421–432] Dated: eight February 1917 (subm. 1917/02/08; publ. 1917/02/15) pointed out: 6: xix, xx, 539n, 540–551 7: xxiv, xxviii, 12, 26n, 36n, forty, 42n–44n, 49n, seventy three, 76n–77n, 121n, 139n– 140n, 142, 146n, 177n, 181n–183n, 189n, 371n, 404n–405n, 424n, 457n, 576n eight: 288n, 352, 357n, 360n, 386n, 387n, 391n, 392n, 393n, 402n, 407n, 413n, 414n, 416n, 417n, 418n, 426n, 430n, 431n, 433n, 440n, 467n, 474n, 479n, 484n, 485n, 495n, 498n, 500n, 522n, 554n, 557n, 574n, 576n, 578n, 607n, 613n, 628n, 633n, 634n, 641n, 647n, 652n, 653n, 662n, 689n, 693n, 694n, 725n, 734n, 753n, 754n, 757n, 780n, 783n, 788n, 808n, 829n, 1017 nine: 101n, 102n, 112n, 113n, 119n, 268n, 279n, 403n 10: 64n, 69n, 71n, 479n Einstein 1917c “Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung” Physikalische Zeitschrift 18 (1917): 121–128 (recd. 1917/03/03; publ. 1917/03/15) Republication of Einstein 1916n stated: 6: xxiii, 398n eight: 330n, 462n, 464n, 588n E I N S T E I N B I B L I O G R A P H Y, 1 nine zero 1 – 1 nine 2 1 seventy five Einstein 1917d “Zum Quantensatz von Sommerfeld und Epstein” Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen 19 (1917): 82–92 [Vol. 6, document. forty five, 555–567; trans. 434–443] Dated: eleven may possibly 1917 (pres. 1917/05/11; publ. 1917/05/30) brought up: 6: xxv, 555–566, 575n eight: 379n, 387n, 388n, 442n, 454n, 458n, 466n, 478n, 529n, 757n nine: liii, 406n 10: 83n, 86n, 245n Einstein 1917e evaluation of H. v. Helmholtz, Zwei Vorträge über Goethe. Braunschweig: Vieweg, 1917 Die Naturwissenschaften five (1917): 82–92 [Vol. 6, document. forty six, 568–570] Dated: 2 November 1917 (publ. 1917/11/02) brought up: 6: 568–569 Einstein 1917f “Eine Ableitung des Theorems von Jacobi” Königlich Preußische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin). Sitzungs­ berichte (1917): 606–608 [Vol. 6, document. forty seven, 571–575; trans. 445–447] Dated: 22 November 1917 (pres. 1917/11/22; publ. 1917/11/29) stated: 6: 567n, 571–574 eight: 442n, 531n nine: 592c 10: 83n Einstein 1917g “Marian v. Smoluchowski” Die Naturwissenschaften five (1917): 737–738 [Vol. 6, document. forty eight, 576–579] Dated: 14 December 1917 (publ. 1917/12/14) mentioned: 2: Einstein 1917b 216 three: Einstein 1917 7, 284 6: 576–578 eight: 514n, 551n 10: 135n Einstein 1917h “Der Angst-Traum” Berliner Tageblatt, 25 December 1917 [Vol. 6, document. forty nine, 580–582; trans. 449] Dated: 25 December 1917 (publ. 1917/12/25) stated: 6: xv, 580–581 7: 337n nine: 324n 10: 373n Einstein 1918a “Über Gravitationswellen” Königlich Preußische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin). Sitzungs­ 76 E I N S T E I N B I B L I O G R A P H Y, 1 nine zero 1 – 1 nine 2 1 berichte (1918): 154–167 [Vol. 7, document. 1, 11–28; trans. 9–27] Dated: 31 January 1918 (subm. 1918/01/31; publ. 1918/02/21) mentioned: 6: Einstein 1918 66n, 357n 7: xxiii–xxv, xxvii, 11–25, 32n, 43n, 76n, 139n, 177n, 181n, 574n eight: 442n, 500n, 523n, 524n, 536n, 588n, 612n, 682n, 689n, 699n, 707n, 708n, 716n, 753n Einstein 1918b “Notiz zu E. Schrödingers Arbeit ‘Die Energiekomponenten des Gravitati­ onsfeldes’” Physikalische Zeitschrift 19 (1918): 115–116 [Vol. 7, document. 2, 29–32; trans. 28–30] Dated: five February 1918 (recd.

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