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By Richard E. Prior

Latin is a residing, respiring language!

Many of the English phrases you utilize this present day, similar to advert hoc, memorandum, et cetera, and habitat, are in line with Latin roots. A uncomplicated figuring out of Latin will tremendously enhance your English vocabulary and supply keys to figuring out criminal, scientific, and medical nomenclature.

The every little thing® studying Latin booklet builds upon what you understand approximately English to educate you the fundamentals of Latin grammar, utilization, and vocabulary. via step by step guide, sensible routines, and cultural info, The every thing® studying Latin Book may have you conversing like a Roman in no time.

Other gains include:

  • The historical past and evolution of the Latin language
  • Extensive glossaries
  • Exercises
  • Pronunciation instruction

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After, in the back of poste adv. , afterwards postquam conj. , after postul, –re, –v, –tum to call for potens, potentis robust, able potests, –ttis, f. strength, skill potis, pote capable prae prep. + abl. , in entrance, prior to praebe, –re, –u, –itum to supply praecipi, –ere, –cp, –ceptum to coach, take sooner than time praecipuus, –a, –um precise praedc, –ere, –dix, –dictum to foretell, warn praemium, –, n. gift praesens, –entis current, prepared praest, –re, –stit, –stitum to surpass praeter prep. + acc. , other than, past praetere, –re, –i, –itum to move earlier precor, –r, –tus sum to hope, beg prem, –ere, press, pressum to press, push pretium, –, n. cost, worthy prex, summary, f. prayer, request prmus, –a, –um first princeps, principis, c. chief, leader principium, –, n. starting past, prius former prius adv. , prior, first prv, –re, –v, –tum to deprive prcd, –ere, –cess, –cessum to move forward procul adv. , distant proelium, –, n. conflict promitt, –ere, –ms, –missum to vow, ship forward prope prep. + acc. , close to right, –re, –v, –tum to rush prpn, –ere, –posu, –positum to place ahead, inform proprius, –a, –um one’s personal, atypical propter prep. + acc. , because of, close to prsum, prdesse, prfu, prfutrus to learn, be necessary prtinus adv. , instantly proximus, –a, –um subsequent, closest publicus, –a, –um public pudor, pudris, m. disgrace, modesty puella, –ae, f. lady puer, –, m. boy, baby pugna, –ae, f. struggle pugn, –re, –v, –tum to struggle pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum attractive, good-looking puls, –re, –v, –tum to hit, knock prus, –a, –um natural, fresh, uncomplicated positioned, –re, –v, –tum to imagine, price quaer, –ere, quaesv, quaestum to appear for, ask qulis, –e what sort of quam adv. , how, as, than quamquam conj. , even if quamvs adv. , although a lot, to one’s heart’s content material quand adv. , while quantus, –a, –um how nice, how a lot qur adv. , how, why, for what cause quasi adv. , as though –que enclitic conj. , and; –que . . . –que, either . . . and queror, –, questus sum to whinge qu, quae, quod pron. and adj. , who, which, that quia conj. , simply because quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque pron. , whoever, whichever, no matter what qudam, quaedam, quoddam adj. and pron. , a definite (person or factor) quidem adv. , in fact, certainly; n . . . quidem, no longer even . . . quiesc, –ere, quiv, quitum to relaxation qulibet, quaelibet, quodlibet pron. and adj. , somebody, something qun conj. , why no longer, yet quis, quid pron. , who, what quisquam, quidquam pron. , someone, something quisque, quaeque, quodque pron. and adj. , each one, each quisquis, quidquid pron. , whoever, no matter what qu adv. , to what position quod conj. , simply because, that qumod adv. , how quondam adv. , former, at some point soon (in time) quoniam adv. , considering that, simply because quoque adv. , additionally quot adv. , what percentage rapi, –ere, rapu, raptum to take (forcefully) rrus, –a, –um scattered, infrequent rati, ratinis, f. cause, account, company recd, –ere, –cess, –cessum to return recipi, –ere, –cp, –ceptum to just accept, take again rectus, –a, –um immediately, right redd, –ere, reddid, redditum to offer again, hand over, repeat rede, –re, –i, –itum to return refer, referre, rettuli, reltum to deliver again, answer rgna, –ae, f.

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