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By Doreen Cronin

They're darling. They're bold. They comprehend their shapes! They're chicks on a mission—and in this, their first (mis)adventure, the fowl Squad launches a galactic yard expedition.

Meet the fowl Squad: airborne dirt and dust, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie. those chicks aren't your ordinary barnyard puffs of fluff, and they're no longer approximately to spend their days pecking bird feed and chasing insects. No sir, they're too busy fixing mysteries and struggling with crime.

So whilst Squirrel comes barreling into the poultry coop, the chicks comprehend they're approximately to get a case. yet along with his bad wisdom of shapes ("Big" isn't really a form, Squirrel!) and utter worry of no matter what it really is that's available in the market, the panicky Squirrel isn't any aid. great point those chicks are professionals.

But even execs get frightened. specially when they see that around, glossy, eco-friendly, immense factor within the backyard. What if it's a alien craft packed with extraterrestrial beings who wish chickens as pets? It's as much as the fowl Squad to crack a case that simply will be out of this global.

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If he desired to seize you, he might have stuck you already and tossed you over the fence, like an outdated sock. He simply chases you for enjoyable. ” “I don’t think you,” acknowledged Tail. “Suit yourself,” acknowledged Sugar. “No dermis off my tooth in case you spend the remainder of your lifestyles having a look over your shoulder. ” “Was the large and frightening factor a rhombus? ” requested dust. Her sketchpad used to be in her palms back. “Tail the following doesn’t comprehend a circle from a triangle, and you’re going firstly a rhombus? ” “Do you recognize what a rhombus is, Sugar? ” requested dust. “No,” stated Sugar. “And I don’t need to know. ” “A rhombus seems like this. ” airborne dirt and dust drew a diamond on her sketchpad. “I am a courageous squirrel,” Tail repeated. “Brave squirrels aren't fearful of diamonds! ” “Okaaaay,” acknowledged dust. “How a few triangle? ” She did a brief cartoon and confirmed it to Tail. “Could be,” acknowledged Tail. “Maybe. I’m unsure. ” “Follow me, kid,” stated Sugar, strolling again to the coop. “Hey, Sweetie,” known as Sugar. “Come on out the following. ” Sweetie popped her head out of the shoe. She was once consuming a carrot. “Did the massive and frightening factor seem like that? ” requested Sugar. “Big and frightening issues aren't formed like carrots! ” acknowledged Tail. “Not the carrot, kid,” acknowledged Sugar. “Sweetie’s acquired a unusual triangle head. Did it appear like that? ” “No, certainly not,” acknowledged the squirrel. “This goes to take all day,” acknowledged Sugar. “Maybe Tail right here can visit squirrel kindergarten, research a few shapes, after which come again to us. Don’t now we have whatever higher to do? ” “Not really,” responded airborne dirt and dust. She drew whatever else. “How approximately this? ” The squirrel attempted to scream, yet fainted ahead of he bought it out of his mouth. “Nice paintings, Dirt,” acknowledged Sugar. “So, the massive and frightening factor within the backyard is a circle,” acknowledged dust, tapping her sketchpad along with her pencil. “Interesting. ” “So Tail is both frightened of the birdbath or the blow-up pool,” introduced Sugar. She appeared down at her notes: worried squirrel with reliable vocabulary and terrible form talents is petrified of whatever around within the backyard. additionally, dust discovers a brand new coloration of grey. “Can we please cope with the useless squirrel within the residing room?? ” requested Moosh. She deposited a clean-smelling Poppy simply contained in the chook coop after which headed again out the door. “If it’s nonetheless the following whilst i am getting again from my gardening, I’m going to make a rug out of it. ” bankruptcy five hear, Tail,” stated Sugar. She was once status at the squirrel’s neck. “My mother says that while you're nonetheless useless whilst she will get again, she’s going to take advantage of you as a carpet. So if you'd like support, you must face your worry of shapes like an immense boy. ” “Ow, my head,” stated Tail. “Let me up. i'm a courageous squirrel. not more fainting, I promise. It was once simply so . . . so . . . ” “Big and scary,” acknowledged Sugar. “We get it. ” “You did nice, Tail,” acknowledged dust. “Now we all know the massive, frightening factor is within the form of a circle. ” “Yes! A circle! a huge circle,” acknowledged Tail. “A fairly great, glossy circle. It got here out of nowhere after which stopped nearly 4 toes off the floor. It was once a dismal coloration of eco-friendly. no longer relatively woodland eco-friendly, yet shut. almost certainly hunter eco-friendly.

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