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By Jonathan Cahn

The publication you can't have enough money to not read.
It is already affecting your life…
And it's going to impact your future!

Is it attainable that there exists a three-thousand-year-old secret that…

· Has been choosing the process your existence with no your understanding it?
· Foretells present occasions earlier than they happen?
· printed the dates and the hours of the best crashes in Wall road historical past earlier than they happened?
· made up our minds the timing of 9/11?
· Lies at the back of the increase of the USA to worldwide superpower… and its fall?
· Has forecast the emerging and falling of the world’s inventory industry all through smooth times?
· Lies at the back of global wars and the cave in of countries, international powers, and empires?
· Holds key to what lies forward for the realm and in your life?
· and masses more….

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There, taking a look up on the substantial stones above them, the warriors stood in awe, lots of them in tears. Spontaneously they all started reciting the traditional Hebrew prayer of the Shehechianu: Baruch Atah Adonai, Elohenu Melech Ha Olam Shehechianu, V’Kiemanu, V’Higianu Lazman Hazeh. (Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sustained us, who preserved our lives, and who has enabled us to arrive at the present time. ) They have been then joined through Rabbi Shlomo Goren, who sounded the shofar on the Western Wall to proclaim its liberation. Goren spoke to the warriors amassed on the wall: The imaginative and prescient of all generations is being learned earlier than our eyes: the town of God, the positioning of the Temple, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, the emblem of the nation’s redemption, were redeemed. . . . four the instant is epic. For the 1st time in thousand years, for the 1st time because the calamity of advert 70, Jerusalem is in Jewish palms; the Holy urban is restored to the Jewish humans and the Jewish humans to the Holy urban. the instant is prophetic, a keystone in biblical end-time prophecy. The secret of the Shemitah and the recovery of Jerusalem The Jubilee is basically fascinated about being restored to one’s land and inheritance. each year, on Passover, the Jewish humans could finish the ceremonial meal via asserting, “Next yr in Jerusalem. ” Now they have been there. except the recovery of the land itself, there may perhaps rarely were a better recovery for the Jewish kingdom in thousand years of background than the recovery of Jerusalem. What does the recovery of Jerusalem need to do with the secret of the Shemitah? As we've seen, the Jubilee needs to happen within the 12 months following the yr of the Shemitah. The Israeli infantrymen entered the Lion’s Gate on June 7, 1967. The 12 months earlier than this and the Six-Day conflict used to be the Shemitah. For the 1st time because the calamity of advert 70, Jerusalem used to be again in Jewish arms. The Shemitah all started on September 27, 1965, and ended on September 14, 1966. The liberation of Jerusalem came about within the 12 months following the Shemitah, as within the Jubilee. As with the granting of the land of Israel for a Jewish fatherland, the regaining of Jerusalem used to be a prophetic Jubilee, a Jubilee lifted up in prayer by way of Jewish humans everywhere in the earth for nearly thousand years, a mega-Jubilee. And as in 1917, back it happened within the yr following the Shemitah. The Jubilee is the 12 months of liberation. within the related manner, now, after nearly thousand years Jerusalem was once liberated by way of her teenagers. The Jubilee is set redemption. within the related means, that which happened in 1967 used to be obvious by means of Jewish humans worldwide as a pivotal second of nationwide redemption. The Jubilee is the yr of recovery. So in 1967 Jerusalem was once restored to the Jewish humans and the Jewish humans to Jerusalem. within the eyes of the Jewish humans, a better recovery may well infrequently were imagined. within the yr of Jubilee each is to “return to his ownership. ” Jerusalem was once given to the Jewish humans by means of God.

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