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By Benjamin H. Bratton

What has planetary-scale computation performed to our geopolitical realities? It takes diverse types at various scales -- from strength and mineral sourcing and subterranean cloud infrastructure to city software program and large common addressing structures; from interfaces drawn through the augmentation of the hand and eye to clients pointed out through self -- quantification and the coming of legions of sensors, algorithms, and robots. jointly, how do those distort and distort glossy political geographies and bring new territories of their personal image?

In The Stack, Benjamin Bratton proposes that those diverse genres of computation -- clever grids, cloud systems, cellular apps, clever towns, the net of items, automation -- might be noticeable no longer as such a lot of species evolving all alone, yet as forming a coherent entire: an unintended megastructure known as The Stack that's either a computational equipment and a brand new governing structure. we're contained in the Stack and it's within us. 

In an account that's either theoretical and technical, drawing on political philosophy, architectural conception, and software program experiences, Bratton explores six layers of The Stack: Earth, Cloud, City, Address, Interface, User. each one is mapped by itself phrases and understood as an element in the higher complete equipped from challenging and gentle structures intermingling -- not just computational types but in addition social, human, and actual forces. This version, educated via the common sense of the multilayered constitution of protocol "stacks," during which community applied sciences function inside of a modular and vertical order, bargains a finished photograph of our rising infrastructure and a platform for its ongoing reinvention. 

The Stack is an interdisciplinary layout short for a brand new geopolitics that works with and for planetary-scale computation. Interweaving the continental, city, and perceptual scales, it exhibits how we will be able to greater construct, reside inside, speak with, and govern our worlds.

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