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Challenge Penticton Training Camp Jun22-28, 2014

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Triathlon training camp Jun22-28th in beautiful Penticton, BC! An opportunity for Challenge Penticton competitors to train on the race course.

Join us for a week of fun, hard work and relaxation. Accommodation and meals are included at the MAGNIFICENT and LUXURIOUS Therapy Vineyards Guesthouse. We have access to full kitchen, dining and living room facilities including hot tub, beautiful views and personal winery. We ate like kings and queens last year with gluten free options and specific dietary requests available. The food will certainly be a highlight, as it was last year. Eating well is a big part of fueling for performance.

Training includes daily evening discussions focusing on race preparation and execution, mental fitness, fueling for performance and requested topics from camp participants in addition to physical training in all three sports.

Camp costs as follows:
7 nights single occupancy all inclusive $1600
7 nights shared room all inclusive $1040

For further information or to book your spot, contact me here or email to ironchiro(at)

Training Camp


Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Since returning back from a big volume and intense training block, I’ve done a few time-trial efforts in all 3 disciplines.  Not surprising, I’m feeling less than spunky, and it’s been quite a strain to reach what I call ‘the extra gear’.

An interesting stat this morning – 30% of the riders this morning (in my spinclass) were riding Gurus.

Swim TT today (1500m Long course) = 19:33

Need for speed

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I’m not interested in going to Wildflower as a tourist. I’m taking appropriate steps to improve my weaknesses – the top of the list being my run speed. I’ve dedicated a lot of effort this winter on a 200m track and treadmill working on just that.

Today was an important workout leading up to Wildflower; it was a 3hour brick — I brought my bike trainer to the Chilliwack Community Track,…and set it up by the edge of the track.

9x[5min bike on trainer building heartrate to threshold, 5min bike holding heartrate at threshold, 1000m run on outdoor 400m track (descending, strong), using skip rope for skipping to 20min mark).

I was afraid the entire workout,…afraid I was going to blow-up,…afraid I was going to fail,…afraid I didn’t know if I could run fast after holding my threshold HR on the bike. I was so relieved when it was over.

My 1km run repeat times were as follows: