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feel like crap.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I finally got to my second run today – man, that was not fun! Over only 50min, things began okay,…then quickly became ugly. Days like this are not my idea of fun,…but keeping things in perspective, things can only improve…

update,…last 2 weeks until GO time!

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I’m been steadily training lately. I’ve been quite stale and sluggish over the last few weeks, making some of the sessions quite a struggle – and no less than mentally challenging.

I’m done the training which I’ll be depending on at IMC. I just hope it’s enough to keep me strong throughout the entire race! Time will tell…

Today’s workout was my last LONG ride/transition run. Given how I’ve been feeling lately and with the volume I’ve been logging, I was surprised (and thankful) to have put together a pretty solid day.

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Jonnyo’s the best

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

What an amazing guy Jonathan Caron is. He wrote me a long email describing how I should be training, specifically under Paulo’s training plan. He’s been training under Paulo for a few years now, and has made huge improvements in his Ironman racing potential — he is a significant threat to win any Ironman race he enters now.

Anyways, I was so appreciative when Jonny offered to help answer some questions I had on my mind specifically relating to intensity, fatigue, energy levels etc. What an unselfish act to help me out, particularly when I’ll be on the same start line as him on Aug 24th.

Great guy and everyone’s friend – that Jonnyo is.

Today’s training was yet another challenge,…4hour ride with 3x20min at threshold,…40min transition run.  My body is adapting to my new bike set up very well (again, thanks Jonny!) – there’s a night and day difference in my ability to recruit my hamstrings now.   I’m super excited about the fact that the new position has noticeably improved the speed and fluidity in form of my transition runs.