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Done the bulk of training,…just in time

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Snow on the back deck

We woke up this morning with a BIG dump of snow, and a sub-10° temperature. I can’t help but think how fortunate I’ve been to have nice weather (reasonably) up to this point. I had envisioned contending adverse weather during my long ride days and prepared myself for the worst. Thankfully my fears weren’t realized, and I ended up VERY lucky weather wise.

Allison ended up coming home on Friday afterall, despite not feeling well. We took advantage of daylight savings with an extra hour of zzzzs – thankfully her cold/virus symptoms are improving. Our lazy morning ended with a troop of friends who came by for brunch and to wish me well before I leave for Florida.

Kind hearted well wishers

I spoke with my Mom and Dad today,…they decided to drive down from Tennessee to Panama City to watch their little boy race. I’m super excited about having them there,…I’m very fortunate to have their support.

I ran 60minutes today,…with 10minutes of fast intervals in the middle of it. What started out as a run where I really didn’t feel good, ended with me feeling very good. I think my body is starting to go into rejuvenation mode,…I can feel the taper legs taking hold. It is a positive sign that I’m able to get them feeling good with increased activation.

Jarret came by tonight to drop off a bike box for me – he’s lending me his for the race. A very kind gesture. He also mentioned that he noticed Raynard Tissink is now racing IM-Florida — an Ironman champion who dropped out of Ironman Hawaii 1.5 weeks ago.

Interesting thing happened at work on Saturday. I saw a new patient who had neck pain,…I explained to her that her pain was a result of a sprained joint at the base of her neck. I further explained that the joint is inflammed and swollen, and that is why it is painful to compress it. She replied,…”it’s inflamed huh?,…is there anything I can do to help reduce this inflammation without medication,…because I DON’T want to take anti-inflammatory medication”,…I explained that ice will naturally reduce the swelling due to inflammation,…and an adjustment directed at the capsule will help restore proper motion, improving nerve tone and surrounding muscle tension. I took a further look at her intake form, and noticed that she is a PHARMASIST! She was a pharmacist who knew right away that she didn’t want to take anti-inflammatory meds. Needless to say, I was very impressed by this woman,…for taking the initiative of asking such questions as,

  • “Why did this injury happen?
  • “Is there anything that I can do differently in my daily activities that could help prevent this from happening again?”
  • “For the time being, to help my body heel better what exercises and other things can I do?”

We ended up having a long conversation about how we both believe that allopathic medicine is important, but relied upon way too often,…especially for health problems for which there are natural solutions. She also talked about how pharmaceutical companies are so powerful, they are able to dictate the medical model’s standards of care. Especially a grave concern should be in the fact (as an example) of how small the Canadian Cancer Society applies its funding towards cancer treatment rather than PREVENTION. Funny,…how backwards our population think…

Best be off to bed,



Friday, October 27th, 2006

I swam with the University of Calgary swim team again today:

Mainset (with paddles, pullbouy and band around ankles for 400,300,200,and100):

  • 400m free on 5:40
  • 4x100m free on 1:20
  • 300m free on 4:10
  • 3x100m free on 1:20
  • 200m free on 2:50
  • 2x100m free on 1:20
  • 100m on 1:25
  • 100m on 1:20

 (I just overcooked my eggs while typing this set…)

I got thinking about the pain one endures while racing Ironman.  I’m a firm believer that depending on how you approach or focus your mental preparation, you may alter your body’s perception of pain, hence allowing you to OWN YOUR PAIN.  I spoke with one of my patients yesterday about her experience with childbirth.  I was facinated with what she had to say — she said that she gave birth to her first and only child with no drugs!  She said that for months prior, she prepared for labour by CREATIVE VISUALIZATION.  She focused all her conscious thoughts towards PAINTING AN APPLE thoughout the entire process.  She did so with no regrets, showing not a hint of pride during her description.  She elaborated that she had practiced the technique while running on rocks as well.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?  I’m a firm believer that with all the training and preparation for Ironman, THERE IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE TO BE GAINED by practicing visualization.  For example,…during a 6-7hour bike ride, by thinking of repetitive thoughts like, “SMOOTH PEDAL STROKE,…BE EFFICIENT,…TURN THE PEDALS FAST WITH AS LITTLE EFFORT AS POSSIBLE,…RELAX THE ARMS,…FOCUS ON BREATHING”, you may contribute to the end result of getting FAST, AND channel your mental thoughts away from NEGATIVE TALK and PAIN.

Similar with labour, the end result you are looking for must be well defined.  It is easy with childbirth to know what you are in pain for,…but do YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE IN PAIN WHEN YOUR ARE RACING AN IRONMAN???  You BETTER know, because that same definitive reason is what will get you through the rough stages of an Ironman – having a reason is what separates the tourists from people who are racing.

Scott Curry running photo by Kevin McElheran

On a different note, my wife Allison, in her last year of medical school is doing a placement in Pincher Creek at the moment.  She was planning on coming back to Calgary tonight – but may stay there as she has developed a cold/virus and doesn’t want to expose me to her sickness so soon to Ironman.  Her thoughtfullness is unmatched by anyone.

Asides from a focused run (where I’m going to break in my new racing flats), and bike,…I’m going to bring my bike into SPEEDTHEORY to change the chain, and get new tires for the race.

Had my body fat tested,….using BIOMEDICAL IMPEDENCE — was 7% (+/-3.5 standard error)


Positive feedback

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

My friend Darren from Adidas called – they’re shipping a pair of adidstar supernova lights to me to race IM-Florida with.  SWEEEEET!

My brother Brent has officially taken the cake as far as crazy, genius, inventors go,….today he sent me a shot of his new PICK-UP TRUCK BIKE!!!!  check it out.

Pimped out Rhoades Car
 I had real good positive feedback while riding today — my heart rate looks to drop fast in response to easier efforts.  To maintain my desired HR today, felt like I was smokin’ and putting in decent force to the pedals.

Good stuff.