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10 days to go – IM-FLORIDA

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Just got back from an early morning swim with the UofC Varsity Dinos team.  Felt pretty weak, but that’s okay, as I didn’t expect to feel outstanding,…will do some tubing now so as to maintain strength in the ‘catch’ phase, and ‘finish’ of the stroke.

Have another longish ride today, but less than what would be considered a ‘long ride’ by definition.  T-run after ride.

Below is a photo of my riding parter – amazing cyclist J.Hann, he’s the real deal, and myself just before our last long ride into the ROCKIES.

  Jarret and Scott

Too skinny for my pants

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Sometimes I think it would be easier to re-align the universe than to align a perfect situation for Ironman.  A few weeks ago, if I wasn’t recoverying from an impact/fall on my knee, I was fighting a virus.  Thankfully now, I’ve come to recover from both and find myself in a good state of body and mind.

In response to more focused training, over the last week I’ve been slowly losing weight I’ve noticed.  Today for example, I climbed into a pair of pants that normally fit me well, which had a space the size of Georgia between myself and waist band.  What weight do I have to lose?  I didn’t think much,…but it’s coming off.  Good thing,…as the last thing I want to be transporting around the run course in Florida is more weight than is necessary.  I can’t help but recall something a friend and sub 15min for 5km runner Matt Johnston told me once,…he said he knew he was fit when there was no fat to pinch just under his pec muscles on the side of his rib cage.

Crazy,….us endurance types.

Taking PROBIOTICS now:    Healthy intestinal flora = Happy gut = Absorbing nutrients and energy during Ironman

Running on the railroad tracks photo by Kevin McElheran


Feeling studly,…without worthy cause yet

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Had a long run today, upping the tempo throughout the run — ended with a satisfactory feeling like I just saved the world (enjoying a post workout hormone high).  It was a KEY workout coming off of tired legs from yesterday,…feeling this good and fast today was a real confidence booster again.  I’m not disillusioned though,…feeling studly has no great importance right now,…if I’m rocking in 2 weeks time in FLORIDA, only THEN will I be worthy of feeling studly.

I had a long treatment today from Dr. Paul — he worked out a tweak in my left achilles tendon with Ultrasound, Graston and Active Release Technique.  He also worked on both my rectus femoris muscles – a HUGELY influencial muscle for me to keep loose.  Heading back to the clinic now for some acupuncture to help with my breathing, and anything else that needs tweaking.

Sauna, then ice bath in the Bow River.

Then easy spin on the bike, and run.

Followed by another ice bath.

I’m doing everything right, so I believe I am – as the level of commitment required to perform in Ironman is certainly there.  Tara told me while we were freezing our legs off yesturday in the Bow river, “YOU BETTER *!?% WIN IN FLORIDA!”, man these are times I’ll never forget.

Feeling studly photo by Kevin McElheran