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Great day in the mountains

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Just checked out Jordan Rapp’s website (a US pro triathlete),….he’s got a great video posted on his blog regarding Australian distance running legend Craig Mottram.  I have a friend from Vancouver who was roomates with him while training in Australia — I heard lots of stories about him,…so it was neat to see him in action:

Today was another confidence booster,…I rode 5hours from Calgary, up and down Powderface mountain — and was strong the entire way, being able to maintain some good speed during a few 15min repeats near the end of the ride.  Had an excellent transition run after the bike — for me, I felt excellent, efficient and relatively fast.

Running the hills photo by Kevin McElheran

Ice bathed in the Bow River with Tara Ross (, then went into a sauna for 20min, then jumped into the Bow River again.  I first asked her if she wanted to join me to go in the sauna,…she replied, “no thanks, I really need to study Spanish”,…when I told her that I also wanted to ice bath in the Bow River, her response was, “why didn’t you say so first?  Of course I want to come!!!”  If only I had a photo of Tara running across a highway towards the river in a toque, winter jacket and bare legs with flip-flops.


Funny story,…at my expense

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Had a great time watching the Hawaii Ironman pan out today.  I found it very exciting.

Since I can laugh at myself with all the stupid things I do, I figured why not post a case in point example.  My current cycling buddy JH posted this story about a recent ride together on his blog: 

sC stopped to refill his water bottle at the gas station, then we rode out the regular 1-2hr route into the mountains and back, and stopped at the gas station again for another quick pit stop.  sC goes to the same tap to refill his bottle again but is warned by the attendant that there’s a boil order on and points to the big sign above the tap that clearly says so.  sC proceeds to freak out a bit realizing that he’s downed 1litre of contaminated water in a short period of time….jokingly I mention that I lived with a guy who spent a couple years teaching in russia who once told me that the reason russians drink so much vodka is because of the large amounts of bacteria in their drinking water, sC thinks it’s a reasonable solution and convinces himself immediately that booze is the only thing that will save him and marches into the nearby liquor store (in bike shoes and spandex from head-to-toe) and buys a half-mick of smirnoff…not wanting to waste anymore training time he cracks the stopper and guns the equivalent of 3 or 4 shots straight, straps his bucket back on and heads back on the highway for the remaining 3.5hrs of our workout…..I kept an eye on him for the first 30mins or so but he look’d to have everything under control, he admitted afterwards that he was ‘feeling the burn’ a little.


Wicked trainer session, and T-run

Friday, October 20th, 2006

If I feel even better at Ironman Florida than I do right now, it’s going to be a good day.  The bike trainer workout today was challenging while sustaining high heart rates, but I felt unbelieveable,…one of those days that I just felt ON!  Right after the bike was a 30min run at specific efforts,….for the hard section, again I just felt ON, and ran well and smooth.

A good sign that I’m recovering well, and the fitness is there.

For recovery:

  • took RECOVER-aminopower
  • ate sushi/sashimi
  • got Dr. Nardella to dry needle and provide Graston to my quads/adductors (was EXTREMELY painful, but very effective) at his house (post clinic hours)
  • sat in sauna for 20min
  • iced my legs in the Bow River.