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I’m not obsessive-compulsive!

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Contrary to my own long held popular belief – apparently I don’t have obsessive-compulsive disorder.  For a long time, I traced the explanation of my one-dimensional need to train to the notion that I must have the mental problem.

This diagnosis can now be dismissed as Allison who is now studying psychiatry as part of a medical clerkship elective, told me that obsessive-compulsion must also accompany negative connotations yielding a negative impact on one’s life in order to be thought as such.

therefore….I am normal.  however,…if you’re reading this, you may not be.


My story…

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

My friend Norm recently asked me if he could write “The Scott Curry story”,….an account of my life and how I pursued my triathlon interests. He is a professor at Laurentian University — I don’t quite understand exactly why he wants to do this, however, I was flattered that he asked, while I replied with a certain, “of course, sure”.

Amongst the bits that I’ve started to write out,….here is the start of what I came up with so far:

In 1993 I was finishing highschool. Up to this point I hadn’t had much life experience,..I was somewhat sheltered in my hometown of Waterloo, Ontario from real life and naïve in my understanding of ‘the big picture’. My long-term life goals weren’t terribly clear outside sport – all I had was a strong desire to reach an elite level in cross-country skiing or triathlon. The thought of someday competing in the Olympic Games was not necessarily what drove me to wanting to excel, it was simply a desire to become the best. In part, I loved the sport itself, and in part I was fascinated by the elite athletes representing the sport. For reasons I cannot explain, I would idolize the best cross-country skiers, and triathletes,…I had such respect for these people that I naturally wanted to share in what I perceived to be absolute happiness. I imagined myself reaching their level, and obtaining the love and respect of the world. I had an absolute vision, albeit distorted vision of what success would be like.
As far as other life goals were concerned, I knew that I needed to go to University. I was far too green in life experience to survive in the working world just yet, and despite this, I felt that I needed a University education in order to have a meaningful job in the end. In line with this, I was always a forward thinker,…I was the type to save my Halloween candy for months later,…I felt a need to save my money,…and I was one to always think ahead into the future. Although I would have loved to skip university and train for cross-country skiing or triathlon full-time, I didn’t consider this to be a viable option. Besides, at this point I wasn’t showing obvious talent, and would have found it difficult to receive support from family and friends. I was just a better-than-average athlete among those in the same age group. My only secret weapon was something that I felt deep inside — an infinite passion for wanting to become the best. I knew that it was only me who could make me reach my full potential in sport, and given that nothing in the world mattered more — I’d be damned if I was going to let anything stop me from accomplishing that. That being said, I was in no rush, and I knew the road was long. I had patience and foresight. I knew that my goals weren’t going to be realized anytime soon.

Stay tuned for the continuation of my story. Rivetted???!! I know, of course you are. Can’t wait to read more???!!! Again, I know, of course you are. You’ll just have to wait. ha!


freezing bunnies

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

I biked to the UofC pool this morning, and nearly froze to death,….a simple 5min trip was almost unbareable. On the campus I saw a giant rabbit hanging out by the bike racks — I got a thinkin’,….”how on earth can you survive in this cold, little fella???!!” Saturday’s forcast is calling for a high of minus 20°C.