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Friday, April 13th, 2007

I qualify this as the most boring day getting ready for Ironman.  It’s called the day-before-the-day-before-the-race.  And it involves relaxing and eating,…sounds like fun?  Ummmm, yeah!  Particularly when I was training hard and eating conservatively, this was the day that I was DREAMING of!  Now that it’s here, while my stomach is full of food, and I’m lying around watching movies, I’m feeling pretty darn gross right now.  Am I complaining?  No,…but it’s just a fact.  It’s all part of the process…

The pro-meeting was today – this was my only committment on my agenda.  Despite all the ‘big names’ here, I’m feeling as though I fit right in.  Given my preparation, I’m not intimidated by who’s racing, all I’m feeling is pure excitement to do what I love – racing others who similarly make this Ironman racing their life’s passion.  May the gutsiest athlete win.



3 days to go.

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

This morning, Allison turned to me and told me why she thinks I’m destined to have a great race.

1. I’ve got the perfect coach (Peter Reid)

2. I’m on the perfect training plan

3. I’ve got the perfect bike

4. I’ve got the perfect wife

5. I’ve got the perfect wife

and 6. I’ve got the perfect wife

She said that 6 out of 6 is very good. I think she’s right.

I swam on course for the first time today, and tested out my new Zenith wetsuit. I have to say that it was an amazing wetsuit,…it felt so comfortable, no water leaked in, and I have great freedom of movement around all my moving joints — this is the selling feature of the Zenith, but have to say it really does make a difference in a big time way.

Testing out the Zoot wetsuit

I ran afterwards, on course,…I’m getting a good feeling about the run course – I really like the 3 lap concept. Will be fun to race. I’m getting excited and ready.


4 days until showtime

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Today Allison and I woke up early for a swim at 6am at the local Cactus Park pool in Scottsdale.  I felt decent despite not having a boost of caffeine,…will save caffeine for race day.  I swam continuous for 40min,…alternating drill with swim, and start speed 50s.

I biked for 1hr45min today on course, the rhythm is coming,…I can feel myself coming into a zone – all positive.  I had a transition run afterward,…I felt better and better as the run progressed.  I started to feel good, just in time to shut things down.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching “the Pursuit of Happyness”.  A good flick if anyone is looking for a worthwhile watchable movie.

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