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What a rush it is

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

when a cardboard box rolling from the wind almost hits you while biking.  I swore it was a cougar and my life was going to be over in a second!

Yesterday, I had a great swim with the Dinos (100min practice), then 4.5hour bike to Powerface mountain, and easy 40min run.  Today’s training included a 90min Dinos swim, and a 90min run with hill work.  My legs are feeling unbelieveably good given the time of year – can’t get too excited though as there’s lots more work to come. 

I was buying water in Bragg Creek at the same time as Marion Perry – met her for the first time.  I wished her well in this year’s Ironman Canada.


Aerobic swim/Long run

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Today was part 2 of a big Sunday/Monday combo.  Long aerobic swim after a long day in the saddle yesterday:

6x250m (free/back combo on 4:00, and 3:45)

8x150m on 2:45 (100m kick, 50m swim)

4x[400m on 5:30, 3×100 on 1:40] (1-2 was swim, 3-4 was pull)

200m cool down


2 hour long run went well, as I can feel my fitness coming around.  I was concentrating on being smooth and opening up stride behind pelvis.

Ice legs and rest. 


Long ride/T-jog

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

This past week was overall successfully completed.  The Dinos were out of the water for a couple workouts, so I had to do them on my own.  Notably I felt friday’s swim went well with 45x100m on 1:20 with paddles/pullbouy/band.

The week was capped off with today’s workout which was a long ride and transition jog.  I biked from Calgary along upper Springbank Rd. through the Foothills past Bragg Creek and Elbow Falls to the end of the road, and back home.  It was a beauty ride.  It’s been a while since I felt that good on the bike.  Things are coming together in good order during this build period.