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Update: Panama City

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Pardon for being short, but I’m not in much in a typing mood – I’ll be quick with this update.  I made it to Panama City Beach safe and sound.  I got out on the bike for a 90min ride, 20min T-run.  I’m just about to hit the ocean for a swim.  I heard from a source that there are jellyfish out – I just hope they don’t like the taste of Scottini. 

Despite all it’s tackiness with Beach related shops, etc, I really like this area.  Some people think the course is really boring,…I have good vibes.

Okay, off to swim,


Heading south

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Well, it has come time that I make my pilgrimage south.  To a state where G.W. Bush and the war on terror is highly supported.  Along my way, during my layovers, I look forward to my education in world affairs from a strictly non-biased source of CNN so prominently shown in airport waiting areas.  Given that I don’t have a TV myself, I depend on media such as this to keep me up-to-date.  The Economist magazine has nothing on friends of CNN.

As for Ironman, I’m keening awaiting the day to light it up!  I’m definitely ready with all systems a go.

More from Panama City Beach later

Doc can run

Monday, October 29th, 2007