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very awesome sport

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I grew up cross-country skiing in Waterloo, Ontario. I was so passionate about this sport, I lived it, breathed it, and even pretended to ski while walking up stairs. It was also tough on my lungs — I would consistently end up with chronic bronchiitis midway through the race season, making it harder and harder to recover. Since those years, I’ve had troubles with asthma with hypersensitivity to various triggers. In 1997, I made a health decision and opted to focus on triathlon. I still love cross-country skiing, but wish I could handle cold and damp air better.

Looks like this (very very fast) guy from Ontario, Karl is still racing. Cool photo – thanks James!

Start them early

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

GO Hayden GO!!!!  I’m proud to know this little guy.  He takes after his Daddy for his love of training — not beer (thankfully, not yet anyways).
Hayden on the bike

Hayden on the run

Innovate or die

Monday, December 17th, 2007

My brother Brent recently submitted an entry in a unique bicycle design competition: Innovate or Die contest. He finished his project just in time before the contest closed.
The Family Truckster is a four passenger quadricycle that splits in two to create two back to back recumbent tandems. The Family truckster features four independent drive trains. Passengers in the rear can either pedal backwards or install their chain in a figure 8 and pedal forwards. Passengers in the rear can also choose from two different handlebar positions.

The Family Truckster can lean into turns thanks to three pin jointed cross tubes that link the two sides together.