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clickity click click

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

I felt like a rockstar in the pool this morning. Technique is clicking,…I’m a groove, and things have never felt so smooth and perfect. Swam with the big dogs and didn’t get lapped once – including a 900m straight swim. The consistency in the pool is paying off.
On an unrelated note:


things may get ugly.

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Dr. Scott has requested that I take over the duties of his website….this may be a very shortlived experiment on both our parts given my tendency to colour outside the lines.

What’s new in the life of Dr. Scottie? Well, the perpetually smiling man is for the most part dividing his time between the UofC pool and his Chiro offices….6k swimsets followed by 8-10hr marathon sessions manipulating his patients with his garbage can. He’s getting a fair bit of -20′C yeti-running in too, and has his bike-trainer session up at Speed Theory (blatant sponsor plug) on Sunday mornings.

This year his plan for the next months is based around racing IMCdA on June 22nd….CdA is in Idaho, not Utah? ….now that he’s got the location straightened out he’s focussing solely on the race.

If you’re reading this from Calgary, enjoy your Saturday, high of -23′C… ride rolling out from 1969 Ulster Rd. at 9am for the nutters.


Today’s swim workout

Friday, February 8th, 2008

5x150m (free/back/free by 50s)

2x[100IMdrill, 200free, 100IM, 300free, 100IM, 200free, 100IM], IMs on 1:40, Free on 1:25/100m pace

400m free on 6:00

3x[100band only on 1:40, 2x25band only on :35, 100band only on 1:40, 50free easy]

4x100pull on 1:15

2x200pull on 2:30

1x400pull on 5:40

2x200pull on 2:40

4x100pull on 1:20

Chad Hankewich gave me some feedback on my stroke earlier this week; this regarded the need to anchor my arm during the catch – I wasn’t using my lats and rhomboids to help retract and depress my scapulaes from this point on. This helps to initiate the roll,…moving the body past the shoulder/arm, rather than the shoulder/arm moving past the body.  Specifically focusing on this is making a significant difference.  I’m in the weight room doing specific exercises to further reinforce this motor pathway.