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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Finish NB Half

This was my breakthrough race. My best 1/2IM finishing time prior to this was in the neighboorhood of 4hr20min. Putting in the work, discipline and patience are key ingredients for a breakthrough performance. You’ve got to believe. Before this race, despite being up against some worthy competitors, I recall answering the question a friend asked me before the race, “how are you hoping to do?”,…with “I have a shot at winning”. My response wasn’t showing disrespect for my competitors, it came from a confidence in my fitness at the time.

Training is going well — working towards the next breakthrough. I may have done a 8hr45min IM before, but in my mind I’m preparing myself to go much faster.

I swam this morning with a very small group of three swimmers, all who likely will be headed to the Olympics in Beijing. I find it fascinating the language that these swimmers use — everything is POSITIVE!!! Jan, the coach commented on my free without paddles,…I seem to find my best form when I use paddles — he said, “your free with paddles looks really good,…but your free without paddles, looks…well, different”. I noted that he didn’t say anything negative regarding my free without paddles,…instead, he suggested that I attempt to hold the same form when I swim without paddles. Another time during the workout when I was gasping for air after touching the wall, I mentioned to Mike Brown (a breaststroker who’ll be a medal threat in Beijing) that I thought the workout was really challenging, he said, “that’s GOOD!” The dialog in successful people’s minds is always positive — I’m noticing this more and more.


The 42lbs weight loss challenge

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

My flatmate who raced IMCanada this past summer (btw his first time in sub10) came back from Africa (a gruelling 4month law-school exchange,…with a few beers and Indian food involved) 45lbs heavier than when he left!!! I know that’s a pretty impressive feat – but if you know anything about my roomie, he’s one impressive guy. If anyone can gain weight in Africa, my roomie can. When you buy chicken breasts, have you ever wondered whatever happened to the wings of the bird? There’s a good chance he’s eaten them.

Anyways, with the new race season approaching, my flatmate has undertaken a challenge with one of his law-buddies – he has until a cut-off date of April 4th to lose 42lbs.  Loser buys the winner a night’s stay at the Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel.  So far his running tally includes a total of 8lbs lost over a 6day period. I’m going to head off for a run now,…it’s time for me to leave when he looks at me as if I was a roast of pork. Maybe I’ll invite him to come along, and hope I don’t have to perform CPR.

More from this riveting story later,


Is winter behind us?

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

I hope so — as I’d hate to see this beautiful weather interrupted.

I had a solid 2hour HR1 building to HR2 run this morning.  My base miles seem to be adding up comfortably.  After the Louisiana camp I took about 5 days of lower volume just to recover from the extra volume I was running down there.

I’m now looking forward to the Chilliwack training camp in a couple weeks – this will be a build week, while working on a technical focus too.