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Kieran Doe is one tough dude

Friday, November 28th, 2008

reflecting after IMAz, and my 2008 season

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

This has been a year of significance for me.  I was coming off a disheartening season in 2007, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was contending with some irritated nerves from my lower back that were causing my gluts/hamstrings/calves to be slow to fire, cramp and/or tighten up.  By the end of 2007 even with my love of the sport, things became ‘not so fun’ anymore,…capped off with me DNFing in Arizona, and being further humbled by walking 2 of the IM marathons (IMC and Florida).

Moving forward, I ventured to figure out what was causing these problems to manifest.  Being a chiropractor, I had the good fortune of having the education to know how to decrease stress to my lower back, and improve it’s overall health.  I bought an inversion table, and started using it regularly, I made a running belt which I could decrease compressive forces on my spine while running (by transferring the weight of my arms to my hips/legs), I started an intensive core program, I was taping my back regularly, I was getting acupuncture/dry needling done, breaking up scar tissue with steel instruments, and underwent a significant amount of prolotherapy, ozone injections, and trigger point therapy with Dr. Jason Ahlan.  All of this has brought me back to a much more healthy body than I’ve had in years.  Now, at least my sciatic nerve irritation is a problem of the past, and I’m back enjoying training and racing, and have a greater appreciation than ever for the health of my body.

For the race itself, it a victory just to get to the starting line and know that I was in shape of breaking my personal best time of 8hr45min.   I feel that this personal belief is quite significant, and almost as important as the execution itself.  I’m proud of my efforts in truly trying to become as fit and healthy as possible leading into the race.

Now for my race summary…

The start of the swim was fast and furious as expected – the pro-field was stacked with excellent swimmers.  I took off strong and attempted to stay with the lead group,…I stayed on their feet as long as I could within reasonable effort limits.  First of the second pack swimmers to come scoop me up was Jordan Rapp, then Jasper Blake and Chris McDonald.  I jumped on their feet, and stayed with them for a ride.

Swim at IMAZ 2008

Starting the bike, I was in company of a lot of guys.  I took the bike out as I normal would, cruisy to start with the focus of building throughout the ride.  I felt comfortable and confident that I was going to even split the 3 lapped course,…I had an idea that I’d like to be in the ball park of an 1hr30min for the first lap, and descend or hold pace from there.  This plan was working up until I started getting uncomfortable on my saddle.  I took for grated the fact that in training I usually use 2 cycling shorts, and have hills which allow me to come out of the aero-position taking pressure off my groin.  After about 100km of riding, I opted to sit way up on the nose of my saddle as the pressure on my arse was just too sore.

Bike at IMAZ

I was excited to start the run, as I really wanted to see how fast I could go.  I had been running consistently strong and well leading up to the race, and wanted to prove to myself that I could run a sub 3hour marathon.  Starting straight away in the marathon the plantar surfaces of my feet were killing me.  I opted to shorten my stride and wait and see if my feet would start feeling better with time.  After 15miles, my feet were just too painful to continue without risking undo harm.  Better to be safe than a stubborn and sorry athlete, I say.

Running at IMAZ 2008

In reflecting on the race itself, I really feel quite content.  I’m happy and feel privileged to be able to do this sport.  I have a stronger than ever appreciation for strengthening bonds with my family and friends, who in a shared effort help to make this journey worthwhile.

Running and seeing double at IMAZ 2008


Not the day I was anticipating

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I just returned back after the race.  For those following, and wondering what happened, I decided to pull the plug at mile 15 due to an injury.  I simply couldn’t continue, and decided to not chance more harm.

Otherwise, it was a very interesting race – kudos to everyone who raced.  More soon,