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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

I had a 3hour bike (with 20min worth of significant intensity), and 40min run today.  Things are feeling back to normal after loading things up – just getting things done with purpose and no-junk miles.

Taking one day at a time.


query from my housemate Rushton

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Elliot poses an excellent question (after watching a commercial for a dog food that claims to clean dog’s teeth): Why can’t my toothpaste taste like beef?

Never a dull moment or lack of interesting deep thoughts with this guy…

Training is going better after cracking slightly last week. Onwards thinking, I wish I could get Elliot to come out and swim with me — he’s an NCAA Div3 record holder in the 1500m. I reckon he could teach me a few things. I’m trying to encourage him to get into Ironman racing,…more on that later…


when the chips are down

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Recently, a number of people have said that I look tired. As the training load cummulates and induces stresses, I’m having a hard time disguising how I’m feeling. This is when the psychological aspect of this Ironman gig comes into play. It’s important to stay on course, and understanding that it’s part of generating appreciable fitness. It’s amazing how these difficult times bring out the most repressed emotions and feelings, which can easily skew and shape perceived reality. I, for one, when I’m pushed to the brink of exhaustion – seem to have difficulty keeping common sense thought patterns in the forefront of my reality. It’s times like this, that makes having a coach or mentor an invaluable resource.

I hope my Team Orange members who are racing in Az are training well – see you all in a little over a week.