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This camp received rave reviews from all who attended it last year

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

From: Sara Gross’s website…

Christopher and I would like to officially announce that our Tucson Training Camp will be taking place from Sunday, February 15th to Sunday February 22nd 2009.

Our goal for the camp is to make the week as simple as possible so that all you have to worry about is training and recovering. We will take care of as many details as possible. The camp will be focused on base miles and strength on the bike.

The following is included in the price of the camp:

Accommodation: You will be staying in large, 2-bedroom condos in the North East of Tucson. The complex has a pool and hot tub among other amenities. See the website at:

 Airport pick up: We will do pick ups at both Tucson and Phoenix airport. Try to arrive before 2pm to be there in time for our welcome dinner on Sunday night. (There are flights from Calgary to Phoenix with West Jet and Air Canada that arrive at 1.30ish).  Note: If you want to come 1 day early, we may be able to arrange pick up on Saturday as well, please email if you are interested.

 Massage Therapy: Adrienne Stedford (RMT) will be joining us as our on-staff massage therapist for the week to make sure you all stay relaxed and healthy.

 Breakfasts and Dinners: We will be providing group meals.

 Coaching: All sessions will be coached.

 Ride Support: 1 or 2 vehicles will support each ride, as well as leaders on bikes. A good selection of foods will also be available during long rides. This will be a bonk-free camp!

 Swim Entry: We will be swimming in an open-air pool. Expect to get a tan.

 Seminars and Talks: Chris will be giving an afternoon session on bike maintenance. Other speakers and topics TBA (we are taking suggestions)

 Goodies: We are in discussions with potential sponsors, there will be SWAG!


$1,650 shared room (one or two beds in room, depending on need)

$1,500 shared room with CSracing discount.

$2,000 single room (one person, one bed)

$1,850 single room with CSracing discount.

To register, email me at

Register early to secure your spot. We would prefer payment in full at the time of registration, but if that’s not possible, simply email me to let me know you are coming. Final payment must be made before Jan 1st 2009 and can be made by email interact money transfer. (Cheques will also be accepted if you do not bank online)

If you are not yet convinced to come to the camp, then watch our 3-minute youtube video from our last camp:

See you soon!

 Sara and Chris

old man to new man

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I keep harping about the glories of injection therapy, I know, I know!  I just keep having breakthroughs with my body, I have to share the newest one!  Dr. Ahlan found trigger points around my elbows that have unlocked a restriction which was inhibiting my arms from finishing the pull in my swim stroke.  Unbelieveable – I swear I’ve never felt so good in the water,…and enjoying it now more than ever.  It also has given me the ability to roll onto my side more while keeping my elbow in a high/catch ready position,…subsequently, this is making it way easier to keep my head lower in the water too.

I’m running to places now,…just adding it as my transportation around the city – it’s fun, and a great way to keep active without the mental stress associated specifically with training.

First structured swim workout this morning, Long course meters:

3x(4x50m drill/swim on :55, 200m on 3:00),…I hit 2:30-2:34 for the 200s – great for me, considering I’m just getting back in the water

3x(300m pull on 4:30, 3x100m swim on 1:40),…I hit 1:15 and descended to 1:10 for 100s – again,…I’m pumped about this!!

Thank you Dr. Ahlan!  My arms/triceps activation feels amazing.


Ironman Western Australia

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I’ve been following Ironman Western Australia with great interest.  The race finished last night,…continuing for the final finishers now.

Calgary’s Chris Kennedy really impressed me with his race strategy and execution.  After a series of disappointing starts throughout the summer,…mostly related to illness and injury – he set his final sights on Ironman Western Australia.  He knew how fit he was,…it was a last chance of 2008 to prove it on paper.  Still affected by a significant and stubborn injury, Chris persisted throughout his preparation for the race.  He proves that the powers of mental toughness can overcome any physical weakness.

I was particularly impressed by Chris’ pacing on the bike.  He nailed his splits, close to even splitting the bike and finishing the ride in 5hr05min.  The injury that he had hoped would resolve itself, was excruciatingly painful starting the run,…yet he being amazingly mentally tough he chipped away the marathon in 3hr24min.  Finishing the entire IM in 9hr44min.

Other noteable Calgarians who did well were Leo Pineda, Mike Bergeron, and Nicki Rehn.  There were a reasonable number of other Canadians representing us well too.