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2004 Vancouver Triathlon

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I was looking through my collection of DVDs and CDs and came across this video my friend William Didyk put together.  He made it as a going away present for me, after working at his office in downtown Vancouver.  Can you spot the following people?  Darren Mealing, Paul Krochak, olympic gold medalist Derek Porter – I miss those guys!!!

Posting from Kyle Marcotte:

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

He’s selling his bike:

racing a retired swimmer

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

After working tonight, I called up my buddy Elliot Rushton on his cellphone who happened to be finishing his 3rd beer.  I asked him, “wanna go swimming???”  After a slight pause, knowing full well that he doesn’t say no to anything, he replied, “yeah, sure,…why not..”

We braved the wickedly cold weather, a little underdressed,..and on our bikes towards the university pool.  I should preface this story by saying that Elliot was one of Canada’s premier distance swimmers at one point (swimming on the national team for one season), but hasn’t swam a lick in over a year.

Knowing that we only had 40min before the swim ended, what better way to blow-off some steam the Trev Williams way by warming-up for 1000m then race a 200m all out!!!  I thought I might have a shot at keeping Elliot in touch, knowing that those beers he recently consumed might even out the playing field.  Elliot proved me wrong and whipped out a 2:10 from a push start,…making no contest out of my 2:19 effort.

…we called the workout 1500m,…’not bad for a washed up swimmer, and a post season triathlete’ we both agreed.