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you never know who you’re going to meet

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

At the end of my track workout today, a guy approached me to say hi – he asked if I was a ‘distance guy’.  I supposed I was, so I acknowledged this was the case.  We got talking, and found out that his name was Cory Christopher,..the brother of 400m track world champion Tyler Christopher.   Pretty neat – Cory wants to get into triathlon, and might do the Cultus Lake Triathlon.

Yesterday’s training:  4hour bike round-trip to Hope; 40min Transition run

Today training: 1hour swim (mainset 1500m build,…19:35, last 500m in 6:15), 30min jog, 15min skipping/core, 90min easy spin with Allison (see photos from today below), TRACK/BIKE TRAINER WORKOUT: 20x(400m run, 3min bike at HR2 with running shoes (10beats below threshold ~140-144bpm) to 4:50mark, starting the next 400m on 5min),…400m times were 74-68sec.

Lots of these snow-peaked mountains around here…

And lush, green forests…



Sunday, April 12th, 2009

4.5hour ride, with 6x10min HARD efforts with 2min inbetween over the Cultus Lake Triathlon 40km race course.  At the end of each 10min effort, I took note of a landmark by which I finished the interval, looped around for an easy 2min of recovery, then started the next effort as a rolling start.  Despite my best effort, I could only come up with a 1:02:10 over the course.  uuugh..

2x3kmhard repeats on the track in the pouring rain today,…the best I could muster was a 10:35, and 10:58 – wow that was ugly.

Main swim set today:

6x400m swim, alternate one hard/one easy.  Hard efforts were 4:50, 4:46, 4:46.  It was a sufferfest….


test set

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Today I ran on the treadmill for 90min, (1% grade), starting at 7.0mile/hr, increasing speed by .25mile/hr every 10min,…I jumped from 8.7mile/hr to 9.5mile/hr from 80min to 90min in an attempt to find my upper HR2 (it was climbing slowly based on this protocol).

7.0mile/hr 8.5mile/hr 9.5mile/hr
Feb-16 135 150
Mar-24 130 148
Apr-03 115 150
Apr-11 110 131 144