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Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I think I chose the wrong city to leave…Calgary’s weather is amazing this week.  Where was this kind of weather 2 weeks ago?  Uh oh,..I think I’m becoming a grumpy old man, obsessing about the weather…

Today in Calgary

A mix of sun and cloud

I had a nice ride this morning despite the spits from the sky.  Resting up now, and will run/swim later.
On an unrelated note:

Need for speed

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I’m not interested in going to Wildflower as a tourist. I’m taking appropriate steps to improve my weaknesses – the top of the list being my run speed. I’ve dedicated a lot of effort this winter on a 200m track and treadmill working on just that.

Today was an important workout leading up to Wildflower; it was a 3hour brick — I brought my bike trainer to the Chilliwack Community Track,…and set it up by the edge of the track.

9x[5min bike on trainer building heartrate to threshold, 5min bike holding heartrate at threshold, 1000m run on outdoor 400m track (descending, strong), using skip rope for skipping to 20min mark).

I was afraid the entire workout,…afraid I was going to blow-up,…afraid I was going to fail,…afraid I didn’t know if I could run fast after holding my threshold HR on the bike. I was so relieved when it was over.

My 1km run repeat times were as follows:

more like it.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Chilliwack training has begun,

Swim 1hour.

Bike 3hours – including an uptempo effort of the 40km Cultus Lake Triathlon bike course.  I biked horribly at the race last year; somewhat scarred from the race, I wanted to see how a strong but controlled effort in training would stack up this year.  Including multiple stop signs, and being cautious at intersections and corners I was almost in disbelief when I biked the 40km course in 1:00:30 with training wheels etc.  and an effort that never exceeded a 7/10 on a sliding scale.  Things are proving to be well in the cycling department.  Sweet.

50min T-run at the track which included: 5x1000m (800m in 2:36-2:38, jogging to the 1000m mark leaving on 3:40).  Met some new Chilliwackan triathletes who were kind enough to watch my bike as I had to take an emergency pit-stop into the local school.  I was reminded of the highschool era, which made me feel thankful that I’m over that period in life.