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IMC training

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I’m here in Penticton now – enjoying some good old fashion training.  Today, I swam down the canal with Chris Brown’s training group, Tara Ross and Jonathan Caron too.  Jonathan showed us how to feel like Superman,…by allowing the current to pull you downstream while striking a Supe’s action flying pose.

For some motivation check out this vid (**thanks Chris Kennedy):

Rock on –

Desert Half Iron – Osoyoos, BC

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to slip away from Calgary’s chill into Osoyoos’ >30degreeC sunny weather and race the Desert Half Ironman.  It was great to see such a deep field of men show up – the more the merrier.

The following photo was taken by Nadeen Halls,..and is a strange shot.  I have a stretch cord around my left elbow in an effort to stretch my shoulders, while Heather Wurtele’s parents looking on.

Stretching before the Persona Desert Half Iron

The swim started well, I got on Stephan Jakobsen’s feet.   Evidently I need to do more open water swimming, as I took a pull after the second bouy, and ended up deviating far to the left.  I got back on track after the 1st loop, and decided to get back on Stephan’s feet again, as he was swimming way straighter than I.

Scott Curry exiting the water at the Persona Desert Half Iron

Desert Half Swim
T1 Scott Curry

I was 4th out of transition, with Tom Evans, Sean Bechtel and Jeff Symonds ahead.  Close to the top of Ritcher’s pass I was passed by Matt Seeley who seemed to have another gear.  I tried to keep Jeff and Matt within reach over the rollers,…but my efforts were in vain – I ended up losing steam after the 5th or 6th roller.  I was forced to let up my pace a bit, as I seemed to be struggling.  It didn’t take long for Trevor Wurtele to come flying by and pass me like I was standing still.  I then put my head down, and put in a surge to try to keep him within reach.   This too, was an effort in vain, as I blew up once again, which made it quite the struggle to make it up the backside of Ritcher’s.

Scott Curry on the bike
Scott Curry on the run

The run went okay, but that’s the only way I could describe it – just okay,…I felt flat of energy and seemed to have only one speed, no matter how hard I tried to increase it.  I was passed by Olly Piggins like i was standing still, then again by Stephan Jakobsen.

The hurt and agony finally ended at 4hr20min on the pace clock – I was just happy it was over.  The course was amazing however,…what a perfect prep race for IMC — I’d highly recommend it for those thinking about racing it in the future.

Next up,…one week of training in Penticton – I hope I can meet up with some of the locals for workouts and long rides!


Desert Half, Canadian Long Distance Triathlon Championships

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I’m heading to an Outback Events race this weekend,…the Osoyoos Desert Half.  The bike course involves the Ironman Canada course (up Ritcher’s, all the rollers, out a bit further and return home the same way).  It will be good prep to see and race this important part of IMC’s bike course again. 

As birthday gifts, my brother likes to give ‘photoshopped’ photos of whoever is having a birthday, and puts them into interesting scenes.  Last year, he gave me a photo of me riding an invisible bike,..this year, it went something like this:

Race marshals always know where they're going