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Calgary Challenge Reverse-Order International Triathlon

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

So far, we’ve got a bit of interest in the Calgary Challenge Triathlon,…but I know of so many more people who should do it! If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether you want to participate,..just sign up will you!!!

Kyle and I have a bet riding on who wins between us – the loser makes a five-course meal for the winner and each of our significant others. The loser is to be allowed no assistance in the dinner prep by his wife or fiance.

I told Kyle that I’ll be happy to bring the wine and beer,…he told me that I was much too generous if I was making dinner already. We shall see,…we shall see…I’m getting hungry already just thinking about beating him.

We can legitimately call it an international competition now, since we have a competitor coming all the way from Ireland, James Curran,…watch him to put on a spectacle.

List of entrants thus far:
Chris Hooper
Kelly O’Toole
Dal Cain
James Curran
Johnny White
Kyle Marcotte
Scott Curry
(your name here…)

Calgary Challenge Triathlon

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Do get excited about this,…and do let all your friends know! The Calgary Challenge Triathlon will take place over 2-days, May 29-30.

The events will include:

Sat May 29th
Foothills Academy 10km Run
Early bird entry before May 20th is $30

Sun May 30th -AM
Speed Theory 40km Time Trial
Sign up info for this coming soon. Race day insurance will be included in the entry fee for non ABA members. Entry fee is expected to be $30

…then on Sun afternoon:
1,500m swim sponsored by the Kronos Triathlon Club, at Mount Royal pool
There will be a $5 donation for non Kronos members to be put towards the Kids of Steel race. All swimmers MUST have an ATA membership.

If you are interested in taking part in this event, please email
Kyle: dukyle at yahoo dot ca
Scott: ironchiro at gmail dot com

Prize information to come soon.

Calgary Triathlon Stage Races Final Results: May 8-9th weekend

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

1 Kyle Marcotte – 1:45:05
2 Scott Curry – 1:45:20
3 John White – 1:55:37
4 Frank Woolstencroft -1:56:45
Special honours to Lisa Mensink (18:37 1500m swim, and 36:49 10km run) and Kelly O’Toole (20:21 1500m swim, and run with Mom on Mother’s Day)

This was a good idea,..and a lot of fun. We’re hoping we can get organized and do this again at the end of May in coordination with the Foothills Academy 10km run, SpeedTheory 40km TT bike, and a 1500m swim TBD.

Good fun,…good racing…