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(broke old) course record!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


I was excited to have a good performance at the Oliver 1/2 Ironman on Sunday,…I was enticed to race it by strong competitors who were registered. I was however disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t have the chance to measure myself to Tom Evans – as he boycotted the race due to the organizers pulling the prize purse. I completely understand his point, as I’m certain that there is a trickle down effect from having a professional field which keeps people coming back. I can appreciate that the feeling of ‘value added’ to people’s race entries will be less if the race doesn’t recognize a pro-field in the future. That being said, they have all the right in the world to decide what they do, just as we as “pro”-athletes have the ability to choose races ourselves. Perhaps in the future, we’ll see a lot more and more of what Kyle Marcotte and I have done recently – making our own races held over the last couple weekends, generating fitness from having personal battles between ourselves and anyone else who wants to take part. This way we don’t have the expense of travel/time off work, etc. The sport is expensive enough as it is…

With all that said, I was thrilled to break the previous course record set by Tom Evans last year,…I finished 3rd overall behind 2008 Olympian Paul Tichelaar and Jeff Symonds. I particularly got a shot of confidence by covering the 93km bike in 2hr09min55sec, averaging 43km/hr,..breaking the previous bike record by 5min.


Race day nutrition was as follows…
4:30am: a few bits of oatmeal, 4 gluten free pieces of toast with coconut oil, almond butter and banana on top
30min before race: 2 motivator capsules, 3 VO2max/Vantage capsules
On bike: brought 900calories (8 scoops) of CarboPro in 2 bottles, each with 2 Thermolyte capsules, and one with 2 Motivator capsules (broken open into mixture)
On run: coke, a few squirts from gels along the way and water

Here’s my new ride,…it rides like a dream:

June2010 001_webJune2010 002_webJune2010 003_web1June2010_04_webJune2010_05_webJune2010_06_webJune2010_07_webJune2010_10_web

I’m currently in the middle of a big block of training in prep for IMCDA – I hardly have enough time to write this report,..I best get out the door!

till next time..