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The field – from

Friday, August 27th, 2010

This is definitely worth a retweet. From the fast, furious and witty boys in Penticton:

The Field:
Here its is folks, the much anticipated, requested and respected
‘Team Big Deal’ 2010 Ironman Canada preview:

Readers should note that all liberties have been taken by the editor.
If you are reading this and not laughing, you are on the wrong Blog.

Kieran “Doeboy” Doe

Has led race from start to finish previously.
Spent the last 6 weeks in luxury resort on the City Limits.
Thinks Apex is a ‘short climb’
Has the best fashion sense amongst the pro field

Doesn’t eat his vegetables.
Has had to fly two translators over from NZ.
Will have to run past cyclists coming down Main St.

Tom Evans: AKA Dr. Big Deal

Has led the race from start to finish previously.
Has been at Altitude & Attitude camp for the last year.
Female support crew has tripled in size.

Last time at the top of Yellow lake 2L of Coke was needed.
May not listen to spouses’ race week suggestions.
Has to work Monday morning.

Stephan Vukovic:

Olympic Silver Medal (Triathlon, Sydney 2000)
Is a late entry (WTF?)
Thomas H has given him some tips

Went bald at age 22
Has ‘Male Model’ type photographs on website
May be stopping for Coke at Yellow Lake

Viktor “The Barbarian” Zyemtsev

Russian Special Forces trained
Races A LOT

Was rolled by the Dr. in their last meeting.
Wanted in Florida for missing payments on Kitchen Appliances

Jamie “The STAG” Whyte:

Multiple 70.3 podium finishes
Had to fly Girlfriend over after he wore out his 1st training partner.
Makes a mean homemade pizza
Sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch

Girlfriend has been dropping him on recent rides.
Needs Cola & bananas to function properly.
Wants to take a trip up the lake on the Sicamous post race.

Scott “The Colt” Curry

Comprehensive Athlete website.
Gets to ride past a lot of people during the race
Gets to move to NZ after the Race.

Will have to run the full 42.2 to get a spot.
Website has ‘Meet Triathlon Singles’ adverts displayed.
Hasn’t been paid for recent media appearances

Kyle “The Man” Marcotte:

Every Year in is the top 10
Rides outdoors year round- In Calgary
Smart Guy- Engineer (not a Dr!)

Races in a one-piece
Fiancée is out-riding him at present
May don “cowboy” hat in finish chute
Social media addict

Olly Piggin: AKA Kiwi Big Deal

Only his 3rd triathlon of the Season
Rides the same Bike as the top two contenders
Has steered clear of ‘baked goods’ for the past month

Has been overtaken race week by MTB’ers
May confuse his compression socks for arm warmers in T2
May have immigration following him during the event

“MAD” Matt Lieto

Good Genetics
Knows his way around the course
Rides a custom bike
Not afraid to ‘get ugly’; drop a bottle or an f-bomb

Rode twice at recent IM’s: 1st Ride- Bike Leg, 2nd Ride- Ambulance.
Must run past Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen & KFC during event.
Staying at the lucky (then unlucky) “Love Shack”, vacant since 2008….


Johnny “Pineapple” Carron

Will watch from the street this year.
Has internet access from his 138gram iphone.
Will let you know if you’re getting beat by the womens.
Will have trained 9 hours before you start the run leg.
Is retiring soon, made recent fortune through media commitments.

At 1000-1

Steve Kilshaw: Patented a new race strategy @ IMC 2009 which now bears his name, ‘The Kilshaw’. Check South Main on Sunday afternoon to see if he repeats, it’s a sight to see.

Also Appearing in Lycra and moving at speed on Race-day:

Dallas “The Rossland Express” Cain
Scott “the Scot” Neyedli
Wolfgang “The Beast from the East” Guembel
Trevor “Heathers husband” Wurtele
Paul “I got myself to the Olympics” Tichlelaar
Petr “Will Draft” Vabrousek
Michael “Mac Daddy” Gordon
Anthony “top 10” Toth

The Blog ( reserves the right to edit the above post.
Enjoy your week!

local smoke

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I checked the weather in Calgary, just to see what I was missing,’s temperature is forecasted with a high of 20degrees and ‘local smoke’ depicted by this icon: 44
That’s something you don’t see everyday…

After swimming in the lake this AM, there was a wife heist at my house,…Hallsy and Alex came by our house and abducted Allison for a ride to Naramata. Hopefully, they don’t come across any fire,..or rattle snakes for that matter.