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What are we meant to do?

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Are you one who listens to your instincts? Do you acknowledge the destiny your inner-self wants to bring true? If you had no appreciative understanding of fear, what would stop you from expressing your potential? What is your potential? Do you know what you are capable of achieving?

These are questions I thought about after visiting Cape Kidnappers, and the world’s largest gannet colony. These birds have instincts which make them embark an epic journey to Australia, after a matter of approximately 4 weeks being alive. For most, this flight is their first attempt at flying! Only the young will fly there, amazingly their instincts guide them to their destination, and back again for the lucky ones who survive the return trip.

I wonder what sort of amazing feats we could do if we listened to our instincts? Or is that what we are already doing, when we find ourselves on the start line at races? Perhaps these events are a reflection of what we are…