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Sooked up in Sooke

Monday, August 8th, 2011

This past weekend, we travelled to Sooke, BC, for an Olympic Distance race. I had decided not to race anything after the Vancouver Half IM up until IMC, as I wanted to ensure I focused on the necessary training leading up to the race, with no distractions or interruptions. So it was a last minute decision, to consider the Sooke Olympic as a reasonable solid effort to cap off the last few weeks of training with an exclamation point.

Given that I had been moving well in training, I was open to the possibility of smashing the course, and certainly my brain was eager to do so. So I toed the line with the same excitement and anticipation of having a great race as always.

The swim leg went relatively smoothly, I attempted to settle into a smooth rhythm albeit still trying to finish 1500m as fast as possible. Before I knew it, I was exiting the water, and running to my bike with a sense of urgency.

I was excited to jump on my bike, and couldn’t wait to start gobbling up some of these fleet footed, Olympic distance racers. As soon as started biking however, I got the sense that this was not going to be the day I was to feel invincible. My experience was far from that. No matter how hard I wanted to go, my body had a very finite upper limit, and it let me know it by shutting things down as quickly as my attempts to accelerate and get things going were. Checking my ego at the door, I worked as hard as I could, and finished the bike as fast as I could muster.

Onto the run, again, I worked as hard as I could, and gave it my best effort. I finished in 15th place (out of 20 men), 2hr11min was my time, well back from Brent McMahon’s winning effort of 1hr54min. It was impressive seeing Brent racing at that speed, and I hope the best for him as he tries to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.

Next up for me is Ironman Canada – 3 weeks from now. The taper begins 🙂


Good times at IMNZ 2011

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011