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Time to taper: IM Arizona

March 26th, 2007

The bulk of the work is over.  I’ve been having a great time training for Ironman Arizona.  It’s funny how training for each Ironman is slightly different — you know, looking back I loved them in different ways:

Ironman Canada 2005,…This was my first Ironman.  Looking back, I had no idea what the heck I was doing.  I was self-coached,…and just filled in the empty spaces in my day with training.  If I had time off,…I’d be thinking, “well I best get some training in!”  I had no strategy for recovery, and didn’t understand the ebb and flow of proper IM training.

Ironman Wisconsin 2005,…after DNFing in Ironman Canada, I salvaged the season with this race.  Again, I had no idea what I was doing — I completed it cautiously.  I didn’t race it,…I finished it.

Ironman Canada 2006.  This earmarked a huge breakthrough in my enjoyment of Ironman racing – Peter Reid coaching me, you might think?  Well yes,..but how about this technology called an iPOD!  My iPOD and I bonded like none other for the months leading up to IMC.  Peter revamped my disorganization, and gave me a half decent chance of being a contender on the day.  Training suddenly started making sense,…and recovery became an important factor.

Ironman Florida 2006.  After resting from IMC,…getting back to training for Florida was complicated with a crash on my bike, and injuring my left knee.  I was off running and biking for a couple weeks,…and off running for a little longer.  The challenge made my training more focused and intensive once I got healthy.  When the temperature in Calgary was dropping, I spent more and more time acclimatizing to heat in saunas.


I just finished my last weight workout pre-Arizona.  I was getting pretty strong if I say so myself,…I even got to the point of maxing out the hamstring curl machine, lifting 195lbs over 6 reps.  My hammies feel good.  I seem to always bike fast in particular when I feel strong,…feeling as though I could lift or move anything.


For those others who are tapering for IM-Az,…now is not the time to get sick!  Be sure to wash your hands often, particularly before eating, or touching your face.  Hand washing is an important defence!  Be cognisant of the fact that some viruses can survive on some surfaces for up to 1 week!