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Ahhh, feels good to get that ‘holding the water’ feel back.

March 28th, 2007

During a taper, though I generally don’t feel all that great overall, however the lowered bike/run volume usually has a positive effect on my swimming strength.  Finally, I’m starting to feel the water.  Long descending pace sets are great for this — get into a groove, watch the clock,…focus on technique, making alterations to your stroke and watch the effect on your pace (hopefully for the better).  Today’s swim was encouraging,…as I finished stronger and smoother than when I started — THIS, is so important particularly for distance swimming.

Mainset was 40x100m,…8x[5×100 descending 1-5, all on 1:30]

I ordered some Interphase protein powder and CarboPro from SportsQuestDirect — it arrived today!  Great timing,…as I just ran out of protein powder.

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